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Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

We love this time of year for the intense creativity that abounds throughout the internet! You’ve got to check out the designer pumpkin carving showcased on Garden Design; Leah at Quo Vadis asks what you’ll be for Halloween this year on the official Quo Vadis blog; and while this has nothing to do with Halloween, I’ve been secretly obsessed with the houndstooth pattern for quite some time and I keep seeing it pop up everywhere – like on Charlotte’s blog Lottie Loves where she shows off these colorful houndstooth tea towels. But back to Halloween … :)

Black is an easy cover color with journals & notepads, so we scoured the European Paper site for all the orange we could find in honor of Halloween. First off, we’ve got multiple sizes of the Moleskine Volant Notebooks in orange; Rhodia obviously is the king (and queen) of orange paper products; and even the handy Cretacolor Pastel Set, perfect for spooky creations.

Last, but not least, a contest alert: Don’t forget to enter your comment over at the Good Pens blog for a chance to win a prize pack! The contest is open till this Friday and internationals are welcome to enter!


Friday Blogger Tuck-ins

28 Oct


1 –>Love sending postcards? Bev Sykes from The Pen Pal Project received the below request from a friend the other day, and we wanted to help get the word out! We’ll be sending one from Colorado soon to add to the mix. Where are you sending from?

“His school is collecting postcards from around the country and around the world for their diversity/international day in the early spring.

It doesn’t matter if they get multiples from each state, they’re just trying to rock the class’s world with the amount that Hunter can bring in!

So, if you wouldn’t mind sending a postcard to him, that would be great, I know we have people EVERYWHERE!

Before taking them in to the school Kelly plans to put them all out together and take a picture, she says she’ll be sure to share the picture when they’re done. There is no set deadline, but she’s thinking if you can do it between now and the end of November that would be best.

Hunter Johnson
8443 Sand Point Drive West
Jacksonville, FL 32244

Feel free to share his address with any friends and family you may have in other parts of the world as well, the more the merrier!”


2 –> Thanks to Carla at 365 Letters blog, we saw this cute video of Ellen DeGeneres proposing a stamp of herself to aid the Post Office and just had to share it!



3 –> Interested in the Moleskine Star Wars Notebooks? Check out @JasonSpeaking‘s GeekDad review of the Star Wars Plain Notebook (which has a cover in metallic bronze, while the Ruled version is in silver).
Here’s the link.


And the Winner of the Essential Rhodia Box is …

28 Oct

Congratulations to Wendyvee @RoadsideWonders , winner of the Essential Rhodia Box from this week’s giveaway!

Out of 44 comments on our blog post, 15 Twitter entries, and 6 Facebook entries, the randomly generated number was 31, which turned out to be Wendyvee!

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway and spread the word! We’ve got loads more giveaways, contests, etc. on the way, so check back frequently. To keep in the loop, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, subscribe to our RSS feed, and/or sign up for our weekly newsletter. If you have any ideas or feedback, definitely let us know in a comment on this blog, or you can email us at!

Crazy for Rhodia Notepads? Rhodia Drive Contest! [Closed]

27 Oct

Rhodia 2012 WebPlanner on EuropeanPaper.comCan’t get enough Rhodia? Rhodia Drive just announced their contest for 20 Rhodia 2012 WebPlanners! Check out their post here and fill out the form for a chance to win ONE of the 20 webplanners they’re giving away. You’ve only got through Monday 10/31 to sign up, get the word out, and cross your fingers for luck before they announce the winners next Thursday 11/3!

Plus, you still have time to enter our giveaway for a Rhodia Treasure Box! See the original post for details on how to enter. Be quick – the winner will be announced tomorrow!

Moleskine Laptop Cases – What Fits?

27 Oct

The Moleskine New Collections include pieces that focus on writing, travelling, and reading. Designed by Giulio Iacchetti, they specifically incorporate signature Moleskine function and aesthetics: the elastic band, the rounded corners, the black color, the simple design.

Impeccable detailing and stitching makes this a durable piece that will last. The resilient, water-repellent exterior is made from matte black polyurethane on a woven support. The interior is completely lined in ivory faux-suede with a soft, luxe feel, and includes an “In case of loss” label sewn inside. The sides and bottom are made from stretch fabric with light padding to protect your laptop and ensure the best fit.

Available in three sizes to fit laptops with 10-inch, 13-inch, and 15-inch sized screens, one question always comes up with the laptop cases: What actually fits?

Moleskine Laptop Case (10 inch)

Moleskine's 10-inch Laptop Case is ideal for netbooks like Samsung's NF310, or the iPad 1 & 2.

Moleskine Laptop Case (13 inch)

The Moleskine 13-inch Laptop Case can fit such laptops as the MacBook Air, Toshiba Portege R835, and Samsung's Series 9.

Moleskine Laptop Case (15 inch)

And Moleskine's 15-inch laptop case can handle the MacBook Pro, HP Envy 14, and the Dell Inspiron 15.

These are but a small sampling of what you can fit into the Moleskine Laptop Cases. Not to mention adding in a journal, notepad, pen or other small item. So we want to turn the question to you: What actually fits?


What’s Next: November Newsletter Giveaway

26 Oct

Hot on the heels of our newsletter giveaway winner for October, we wanted to announce what we’re giving away for November!

(Drumroll please … ) Molekine’s New Collections Laptop Case! Available in 3 sizes – 10-inch, 13-inch, or 15-inch – the winner of our November newsletter giveaway will get to choose which size they want.

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Winner of October’s Newsletter Giveaway!

26 Oct

ACME Home & Studio Rollerball Pen - Oct Newsletter Giveaway Item

Congratulations to Graycloud R., from Oakley, California! He is the winner of our October newsletter giveaway and receives one ACME “Home & Studio” Rollerball Pen!

Designed by world-renowned architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, this pen commemorates Wright’s iconic stain glass window designs from his home and studio in Oak Park, Illinois. Lightweight and well crafted, the pen rests comfortably in your hand and the fine point glides smoothly across any page.

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Foolproof Tips for Organizing Large Projects in Your Planner

25 Oct

My planner is my lifeline. I bet you feel the same about yours, too. Without diligence, though, it can become a mess: over-stuffed with sticky notes, lists and meeting notes jotted on random pages; receipts stuffed in the front cover; phone numbers scrawled across the margins.

Get Organized with EuropeanPaper.comPlanners should keep us on track, but our planners can derail our best intentions simply because we’re not using them effectively. You use your planner to set goals, budget your time, and schedule to-dos. For bigger projects, a planner allows you to map the tasks associated with the successful completion of those projects. Yet, when it comes to those bigger projects, many of us make one mistake with our planners that can cause last-minute scrambles or even missed deadlines.

Whether you use a daily, weekly, or monthly format, there is a simple fix to this common error: Schedule backwards. With this process, you can focus on a strategic action plan rather than a seemingly endless list of to-dos.

You receive an assignment, so you mark the due date in your planner. It seems logical, right? But if you continue to plan for projects to run smoothly and on time, you are setting yourself up for failure by only putting in the deadline date.

Let’s say your boss gives you two weeks to put together a sales presentation. On the day it was assigned or on a separate sheet of paper:

  • Break the project down into all the individual tasks associated with completing that project (gather numbers from team, create slide deck, meet with accounting, write talking points, etc.).
  • Batch similar tasks together to conserve time where possible.
  • Number the tasks (or batches) in the order in which they need to be completed.
  • Next to each task, write down the amount of time you estimate that the project will take.

Flip to the day before the due date. Write on that early date that the project is due. That way, if snags or problems occur, you’ll have some padding built in, and if all goes well, you’ve given yourself an extra day to run through your talk. And if you’re working on a project with other people, it’s smart to plan for an additional padded day just in case you have to pick up slack for team members.

With the list of tasks, schedule backwards. Place the last of the numbered items on your calendar, moving backwards in time. Pad each task by a few hours or even a day, if your schedule allows. This also helps define priorities in your planner, so when you come across scheduling a task on a day you have another project or event, you can move the task ahead or star it as a high priority.

Bonus: Because you pad the deadlines for each project or task that comes in, when things do run smoothly, you’ll find yourself with pockets of empty, unscheduled time. Use those moments to clean out and organize your planner so that you start your next project with a clean slate.


 Meet the Writer:Maggie Marton is a freelance writer who lives in Bloomington, Indiana, with her husband and their three darling dogs. View more of Maggie’s work at


Giveaway: Rhodia Treasure Box! [Closed]

24 Oct

Giveaway Alert: We’re giving away one Essential Rhodia Box! Open up the sturdy orange case (that looks like a big Rhodia pad) and you’ll find 4 classic Rhodia notebooks–a No. 8, a No. 16, two No. 11s (all with graph paper interiors)–PLUS, 2 Rhodia pencils! Rhodia’s signature orange dates back to the 1930s – it was a standard hue for cardstock at the time and remains unchanged to this day.

To enter:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post & include your email address
  • Tweet about the giveaway and tag us @EuroPaper
  • Mention us on Facebook and tag European Paper Company
Do all three and you’ll have a total of 3 entries! {You must live in the U.S. to win.}

A big thanks to Rhodia Drive (Rhodia’s official blog) for the giveaway shout-out! The giveaway winner will be announced this Friday Oct. 28!


World’s Thinnest 4-Function Pen from ACME

19 Oct

One of our favorite pens to use around the office is the 4-Function Pen from the innovative ACME Studios. Designed by ACME co-founder Adrian Olabuenaga, the clever ACME 4-Function is the thinnest multifunction pen in the world.

Founded in 1985 by Adrian and his wife Lesley, Acme has been internationally acclaimed for their partnerships with leading architects, designers, foundations, and more. Their offerings encompass a variety of products, including writing instruments, accessories, and other design objects.

Specifically, the ACME  4-Function Pen is an innovative, all-inclusive state of the art writing instrument. If you like to travel light, yet be prepared for anything – this pen will do the trick! It includes a black ballpoint pen, an orange highlighter, a 0.7 mm lead pencil, and a PDA stylus. It includes an eraser, too! This highly coveted pen is the epitome of style and multi-purpose efficiency.

  • Black Ballpoint Pen
  • Orange Highlighter
  • 0.7 mm Lead Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Silver Clip
Shop ACME’s 4-Function Pens here! Which style best suits you? Playful Crossword, sleek Mercury, or the pinstripe Elite?


Orange You Glad for Rhodia

17 Oct

Rhodia Brand Story

Since the 1930′s, Rhodia has been a favorite among writers, artists, and designers alike. Easily recognizable by their original orange covers, Rhodia has become a symbol of excellence throughout the world. It doesn’t just stop at the orange or black covers, though – inside is renowned Clairefontaine paper with an extra-smooth finish that provides the perfect surface for your pen to dance.


Rhodia was founded in 1932 by the brothers Henri and Robert Verilhac, who founded the Verilhac Paper Mills in the French Alps. The name was inspired by the Rhone River – legend has it that the two Rhodia fir trees of the logo symbolize the two founding brothers.

Shop all Rhodia on

& It’s Eco-Friendly, Too!

Rhodia was purchased in 1997 by the historic Clairefontaine company, located in the Vosges region of France. This was a match made in heaven. A paper-making legend itself, Clairefontaine was established in 1863 on the site of a 16th century paper mill and continues to this day. In fact, it’s currently the only manufacturer making its own paper for its own products. This guarantees not only consistent product quality, but also controls the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

Clairefontaine only buys pulp from sustainable forests that are certified according to recognized international standards (PEFC, FSC, etc.) These certifications also ensure that endangered wildlife habitat is protected, worker health and safety laws are kept, and the rights of indigenous communities are respected. The river Meurthe is the source of water supply for the Vosges mill – the water is so clean when it leaves their facility that local people can swim within sight of it.

Shop Rhodia Pencils on EuropeanPaper.comWhy Orange?

Turns out that it was a standard hue for cardstock at the time and it remains unchanged to this day.

Form & Function

The Rhodia notepad, originally a sideline for Rhodia, was to become its most famous product. The Rhodia pad was considered a professional tool, and so was designed to be easy to use and durable, incorporating details like a fold-around cover, hard coated-board backing, and nice paper. It immediately overshadowed other notebooks of the time because of its quality materials and the innovative design of the scored folding front cover. Over time, Rhodia has become the most popular pad in France. Today, Rhodia has branched out into dozens of styles and covers, all melding signature form and function.

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7 Oct

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