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Friday Blogger Tuck-ins

4 Nov


1 –> Courtesy of Inkophile not long ago, we came across Leigh Reyes’ spectacular video creation combining the lyrics of ”I Have Never Loved Someone” by My Brightest Diamond with fountain pen, water, and paper. Prepare to swoon when you watch the video, and check out Leigh’s blog to pay tribute.

2 –> We’re incredibly fond of papercuts, and Discover Paper frequently features artists of all types of papercut creations. Yesterday on Discover Paper, Donaville (the blog owner) featured the amazing fingerprint papercut work of Lori Danelle. They’re incredibly intricate, and what a great idea for a very special occasion!

3 –>, a photog blog, shares some incredibly neat DIY projects, like this DIY Wooden Picture we thought y’all would enjoy.  Grab a block of wood,  a gel medium, mod podge, and print out a picture on regular copy paper (via a laser printer or copier rather than an ink printer), and you’re good to go!



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