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Monday Morning Review Round-up

9 Apr

Ink Reviews

East, West, Everywhere: Sailor Jentle Shigure

Pen/Pencil Reviews

Multi Pen Dimensions: Rotring Tikky Rollerpoint EF Liquid Ink Pen

Rhonda Eudaly: The Apen a4 Digital Pen System

The Fountain Pens: Waterman 52 1/2v RHR

Woodclinched: “How to Sharpen a Pencil” reviewed: Flawless marriage of parody and informational writing

A Penchant for Paper: Pentel Aquash Waterbrush

No Pen Intended: Another Look at the Platinum Preppy

Notebook/Datebook Reviews

Modern Vintage Man: Quo Vadis Weekly Planner Review

Economy Pens: April Carnival of Pen, Paper, and Ink

Inkophile: Martha Stewart Home Office Supplies

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