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Form & Function with ACME Pens

16 Apr

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ACME pens are functional pieces of pop culture and design that lend inspiration to everyday life. Constant reminders to keep an open mind, ACME’s tasteful and fun pens embody ideas from some of the world’s most groundbreaking design minds.


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ACME Home & Studio Rollerball Pen

ACME Studios is a design company that was founded in 1985 by Adrian Olabuenaga and his wife, Lesley Bailey. The company began when Adrian and Lesley launched a limited edition jewelry collection with Peter Shire, a member of the world-renowned Memphis Design Group.

The Memphis Design Group consisted of 14 designers that had found previous success at the Milan Furniture Fair of 1981 with their post-modernist furniture selection. The jewelry collection release for ACME in 1986 made headlines again for the group, and the series, titled “Memphis Designers for ACME” now resides in the permanent collection of the Groninger Museum in Holland.

Designing Pens

The successful collaboration of design and functionality in jewelry led ACME to the philosophy of integrating design into everyday life. This foundational idea expressed itself in ACME’s men’s accessory collections such as wristwatches, wallets, and leather carrying cases, and ultimately culminated in the perfect niche of fine writing instruments in 1997. Writing utensils were a natural complement to ACME’s ideal of inspiring creativity in daily life, and became a waypoint for the company to collaborate with creatives in every industry.

In recent years, ACME has developed pen-manufacturing technologies allowing designers to have even more of an influence over the shape and feel of their pen, making the process tailored to each designer. ACME’s commitment to design led to such collaborations as with Frank Lloyd Wright, Stefan Sagmiester, and Michael Graves, to name a few. The diversity of artists from a multitude of design backgrounds ensures ACME’s outstanding catalog of unique pens that live up to the collaborator’s standards.

Functionality Persists

Generally speaking, the form/design of ACME pens is what really jumps out at people, but the functionality also speaks for itself. ACME’s rollerball pens write smoothly right out of the box; their ballpoint pens can be converted into fountain pens using ACME’s Fountain Pen Conversion Kit; and they even offer fountain ink cartridges.

Paying further compliment to functionality, co-owner Adrian Olabuenaga recently designed the ACME 4-Function Pen, which is the thinnest 4-function pen in the world. The pen comes equipped with a black ballpoint pen, an orange highlighter, a 0.7 mm lead pencil, and a PDA stylus. The ACME 4-Function Pen is the perfect combination of style and efficiency.

ACME also produced the first biodegradable pen. Launched in 2009, the “Eco Pen” is made from cornstarch, which is 100% biodegradable and will decompose after approximately one year when disposed of properly. *The refill is not biodegradable however, and must be removed first.

Through years of producing innovative products, ACME has found a unique presence in both the design and pen industries that guarantees them a very bright future. We are very excited to bring you the pens that capture a timeless essence in an everyday tool.

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