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Quotable Cards: Finding Inspiration in the Little Things

8 May

Quotable Cards Brand Story on

Have you ever found yourself sitting on the floor of a card aisle, endlessly filtering through piles of cheesy birthday and holiday cards before finally settling on the one that wasn’t the worst? Well, in 1993, Gillian Simon and Mott Vogel had the same problem.

While searching for a simple greeting card to inspire their friends, Gillian and Matt felt overwhelmed … nothing conveyed the right message. That day, they went home on a mission: to make cards they actually liked. They started putting quotes, sayings, and proverbs on a simple square card and the idea for Quotable Cards was born!

Inspiration in Simple Design

Quotable Cards Dance, Love, Sing, Live Boxed Note Cards on

Quotable Cards Dance, Love, Sing, Live Boxed Note Cards

Soon Gillian and Matt were trekking the streets of New York City trying to sell their set of 12 black and white cards to local bookstores. Marketing the cards was a bit of a slow start, but the product appealed to a wide demographic and eventually found success in bookstores, mini markets, and coffee shops in New York. While Quotable Cards simple designs have found their way from paper to coffee mugs, magnets, and color prints, the founding idea remains the same: “To inspire as many people as possible.”

Often times, greeting cards say too much. Every two people have a unique relationship, so it seems impossible to write a card that says “thank you” or “I’m sorry” in the exact way we want. Quotable Cards minimal designs complement what you want to say instead of trying to say it for you. People from all different walks of life can read a quote or proverb and apply it to their own circumstances. That means you can say thanks to Grandma, congratulations on your cousin’s graduation, and happy birthday to your BFF all in one box of cards! Quotable Cards inspire yet leave the right amount of room for your words, which is why they make such perfect cards and journals.

And They’re Eco, Too!

Quotable Cards Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today Journal (8 x 8) on

Quotable Cards Yesterday, Tomorrow, Today Journal

Quotable Cards also inspire through their environmental initiatives. The company uses wind-certified energy to achieve carbon neutrality. Their cards and envelopes are made from 100% post consumer content, and their acid-free paper comes from FSC certified sustainable forests. Quotable Cards also chooses to print with soy-based inks, which are much less harmful to the environment than petroleum-based inks. The company still operates from one room in New York City, and their cards and envelopes are all made in the USA.

For a company that has found so much success, Quotable Cards has stuck their roots and still operates with the honest mindset of a small business. Their inspirational message resonates positivity, which is one of the many reasons why we want to continue ‘spreading the words’ through Quotable Cards.

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