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Friday Blogger Tuck-ins

11 May

1 –>  One of our favorite bloggers to follow, Dana from Save Snail Mail, had such a sweet and inspirational post last week! She  went to her local market with ready-to-send letter sets so passers-by could sit down for a moment, write a letter, and pop it into the mail. All in one easy step from a fellow snail mail lover.

2 –> Heather from A Penchant for Paper has some great tips on Developing a Daily Writing Habit.

3 –> Julie O. hosts the May Carnival of Pen, Pencil, & Paper!

4 –> Stephanie at Rhodia Drive chats about the consistency of her favorite pen and paper choices.

5 –> Pentel found an amazingly creative dress / pen combination you’ve got to check out!

6 –> Dorie Clark, a contributor at, discusses journaling as the #1 productivity tool you’re missing out on.

7 –> Matt had a lovely post on his blog, A Guy’s Moleskine Notebook, with a great tribute list of books about mothers for Mother’s Day (which is this coming Sunday!).

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