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Quo Vadis: Planners Made Perfect

15 May

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In 1952, the commonplace planner was kept in a diary style format, with activities logged on one page for every day. A French doctor by the name of F.G. Beltrami was struggling to manage the activities of both a hospital and a dental school in one of these diary-style planners as the format simply didn’t suit his needs. Frustrated with the lack of planning abilities in a diary, Beltrami attempted combining the ideas of a calendar and journal.

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After some brainstorming and blueprints he began hand-stamping his own weekly layout on the blank pages of a journal, resembling what is known today as the “Agenda Planning Diary.” Noticing that friends and family were also delighted by this planner, Beltrami decided to leave his profession as a doctor in 1954 in order to start selling planners; thus, Quo Vadis was born!

The phrase “Quo Vadis,” derives from Latin roots, and literally translates to “Where are you going?” With Beltrami’s new planner format, you could see “your week planned at a single glance” and actually answer that question! This insight built the foundation for Quo Vadis and transformed the modern planner, but with nearly every notebook company following this format today, how does Quo Vadis stand out?

One reason is that they use Clairefontaine paper. Produced from a mill in Vosges, France, this paper is a delight to write on due to its smooth surface and eco-friendly features. Also, a large number of Quo Vadis planners are refillable, meaning that when that one journal you absolutely love is full, you don’t have to quit using it! Quo Vadis are truly the planner experts. Features such as micro-perforated tear-off corners allow you to easily find the date, and little details like the time frame for each day make organization amazingly easy.

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Quo Vadis Habana Large Ruled Journal 85g

As an extremely busy man, F.G. Beltrami had a true sense of the importance of time management. An excerpt from an old promotional brochure for Quo Vadis, posted on the official QV blog, expresses his advanced understanding of it:

“Too much to do, and too little time to do it. It seems like that is what work, and modern life in general, is all about. That is why we have to fight back, and regain a sense of control.

As a doctor, I have a pragmatic outlook on people. We are all just simply… people. We all tend to do what is easy rather than what is more difficult.

I believe in taking simple steps to accomplish what is truly important.”

As an organizational companion, Quo Vadis helps you remember all the little things that always add up! With myriad daily, weekly, and monthly formats (not to mention journals, too), Quo Vadis is a staple you’ll always want to have on hand. Whether it’s a lunch meeting this Thursday or your personal goal to be at the top of the company by the end of the year, with Quo Vadis planners, you know where you’re going!

5 Responses to “Quo Vadis: Planners Made Perfect”

  1. Amelia May 16, 2012 at 6:15 AM #

    Will you be selling the planners themselves as well as the refills?

    • europeanpaper May 16, 2012 at 1:47 PM #

      Hey Amelia! Yes, we’ll have a selection of Quo Vadis Club Covers along with a refill selection. Are you looking for a specific one?

      • Amelia May 16, 2012 at 1:55 PM #

        I am looking at the Equology Cover. I am looking for a large weekly planner with notes. Can you recomend one of their line?

        • europeanpaper May 16, 2012 at 2:08 PM #

          We’ve got the perfect planner suggestion then – the Quo Vadis Note 27 is their Large Planner + Notes format (week on the left, note page on the right). You can see the current refill on our site here:

          However, it’s not compatible with the Equology Cover. The Note 27 works with Club (which we’ll have soon), Soho & Texas Covers.

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