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Top 5 Places to Keep a Notebook for Moments of Inspiration

1 Jun

Moleskine Classic Large Ruled Notebook (5 x 8.25) on

Moleskine Classic Large Ruled Notebook on

Bedside – The Classic Location

The bedside table is an obvious location for many, but its importance just can’t be overlooked. Leaving a notebook at your bedside is perfect to remind you to write and reflect at the end of every day. Record late-night thoughts, sketches, plans for the week, overall goals, or love letters in a Moleskine Classic Large Ruled Notebook to hold your deepest thoughts in one place.

Coffee Table – Community Notebook

A notebook on the coffee table can be a reminder to write instead of (or during) watching TV. It is also the perfect place to leave a notebook that everyone can write in. Leave reminders, messages, and respond to the media, or write down quotes of friends and about the good times you’ve had! The Paperblanks Saddleworn Small Wrap Journal is a good option because it is sturdy, plus a great decorative item. Encourage guests to pick it up, look at it, and write in it as a memento. It also has a back pocket where you can store photos and other memorabilia.

Leuchtturm1917 Pocket Soft Cover Plain Notebook (3.5 x 6) on

Leuchtturm1917 Pocket Soft Cover Plain Notebook on

In Your Pocket – Journalist Style

The pocket notebook is common among journalists and other professionals on-the-go, but is really useful to artists, writers, and designers of all kinds. Once you get used to it, you’ll start to notice ideas everywhere and jot them down in the moment (instead of trying to recollect it all at the end of the day). A Leuchtturm1917 Pocket Soft Cover Plain Notebook is perfect as it’s not too bulky and you can jot down notes or doodle with the complete freedom of the plain pages. Keep track of ideas, reminders, phone numbers, spending, schedules, and to-do lists in one convenient book that’s always with you!

Shampoo Shelf – Spontaneous Thought

Many ideas come in times of meandering thought. The shower is a perfect example. Usually, we shower first thing after waking up in the morning or for others, after a long day to wash off the daily stress. When your mind is turning on or off, anticipating or reflecting on the day, ideas flow freely without the confines of the hourly schedule. This is the perfect random-idea-generating time so don’t miss out – record lyrics, article ideas, and reminders with a Rite in the Rain Soft Cover Universal Notebook and All-Weather Pen in the shower … because you can!

Rhodia Premium Staplebound No. 16 Notepad (6 x 8.25) on

Rhodia Premium Staplebound No. 16 Notepad on

Glove Box – On the Road

It is important to always have a notebook when traveling, and a lot of us get to new places (physically and mentally) by driving. Keep a Rhodia Premium Staplebound No. 16 Notepad in your car and you’ll always have something to write in. Important for remembering random ideas on the road, it will also assure that you have a place to write down directions, keep a travel log, review restaurants, or keep a daily journal. Once you hit the road, you never know where you’ll end up, but you’ll also know how you got there!


Meet the Writer: Anthony Pagaza was‘s stellar Spring 2012 intern from the University of Colorado. When he catches a moment between school and work, Anthony enjoys deep sleeps, good eats, and epic drum solos.  After the completion of a Journalism degree in August 2012, he plans on pursuing a career in the advertising industry. 


2 Responses to “Top 5 Places to Keep a Notebook for Moments of Inspiration”

  1. Millie June 3, 2012 at 1:40 AM #

    I keep them next to my bed. I have a drawer where I store notebooks in my bedside table :)

  2. David Lane June 18, 2012 at 8:55 AM #

    For almost a decade, I have been carrying my Moleskine in my back pocket so that I can write down stray thoughts or involved chapters without having to look for a note book. I also carry a pen with me where ever I go.

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