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Write it Down with Field Notes Brand Notebooks

13 Jun

Harkening back to the days of list-making simplicity in the fields of your family, Field Notes notebooks are a modern cult sensation for their straightforward design and marketing spunk.

Field Notes Memo Books on EuropeanPaper.comField Notes is the lovechild of Draplin Design Co. (DDC) and Coudal Partners, the first a design company, the latter a design and advertising studio. Both are hard to pin down to one element. Which is interesting as Field Notes is only one element: “honest memo books.”

At the center you’ll find Aaron Draplin, founder of DDC, expounding on the classic memo books that kickstarted the idea for Field Notes. Draplin’s passion comes from direct experience with picking up and using older agricultural notebooks in the decade before he started Draplin Design Co. in 2004.

Filled with measurements, guides, and extra tidbits of data, the old memo books Field Notes are based off of “are meant to save a guy’s life,” Draplin says in their latest video (a must watch) while explaining Field Notes’ history a bit more.

DDC and Coudal have effectively revived the memo book in their grab-and-go Field Notes 3-Pack Memo Books, available in plain, ruled, or graphed page stylings (or a mixed set of all three). Field Notes’ utilitarian design with simple type, a three staple side binding, rounded corners, and 48 pages make each notebook handy and versatile.

At a perfect pocket size of 3.5 by 5.5 inches, these notebooks can live in your backpack, purse, shirt or pants pocket and withstand most abuse to last until it’s full up and you grab another. Field Notes lined and squared paper is printed in a soft brown ink, reducing the harsh contrast black lines can have with your writings. And best of all, they’re all 100% made in the USA.

Field Notes Plain, Ruled, Graph, & Mixed Notebook Sets on

Field Notes Plain, Ruled, Graph, and Mixed Notebook Sets on

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