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Top Mother’s Day Gifts for the Paper-Loving Mom

29 Apr

Mother's Day Gifts on

Don’t forget: Mother’s Day is Monday, May 12! Check out the full curated selection of awesome Mother’s Day gifts on here. And if you love what you see above, you can find each one below.

Dreamer: Rhodia Rhodiarama Notebook
Virtuoso: Cretacolor Teacher’s Choice Advanced Tin Set (27 pieces)
Sentimentalist: G. Lalo Mode de Paris Boxed Stationery
Novelist: Fisher Translucent Bullet Space Pen
Busy Bee: Fabriano Bouquet Notepad Set (Set of 7)
Scrapbooker:  Midori B6 Bee Side Spiral Bound Envelope Notebook

This Weekend Only! Free Shipping on Orders $25+

27 Apr

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Notes & Quotes: Writing with J.K. Rowling

26 Apr

Writing quote by J.K. Rowling: Notes & Quotes Series by

Want more quotes? Discover them all on our blog here!

New Ultimate Organization Tool: Whitelines Organize Notebook

24 Apr

Whitelines Organize Notebooks on

Celebrate Earth Day 2013 with a FREE Downloadable Stationery!

22 Apr

Happy Earth Day from!

Get outside today! Try journaling out under a tree, sketching at a park, or just open the windows a little wider and breathe in some fresh air. Check out our list of 5 Things To Do on Earth Day for more ideas for today! Happy Earth Day from everyone at!

And we have a special something for you all: a FREE downloadable stationery for Earth Day!

Here is what it looks like with “European Paper Company” used as a sample name:

Screenshot: FREE Earth Day Downloadable Stationery from Cole Imperi and


It prints out on an 8.5- by 11-inch piece of paper and you can elect to print it borderless (if your printer has that capability) or with a border. The grey hairline down the center allows you to get two sheets of stationery out of one piece of paper. It folds in half and will fit into an A2-sized envelope.

You can type your name into one of the boxes and personalize the stationery as well! Just like how we show it above with European Paper Company! Download the FREE Earth Day Stationery here!


Meet the Stationery Designer: Cole Imperi is a business owner and a proponent of the handwritten word. When not at Doth Brands, a Branding & Identity firm catering to the health, wellness & deathcare professions where Cole works as Owner and Creative Director, you might find her on her yoga mat teaching yoga or behind a laptop writing for Simplicity Embellished, a letter-writing and lifestyle blog.


Link Love: Rhodia Drive & Derek Lam

19 Apr

We were so excited to see Derek Lam mention RHODIA as one of his travel essentials! Derek Lam is SUCH a fashion force and we love to see he uses Rhodia Notepads.

See the original article on Rhodia Drive here and discover more about Derek Lam here.

Derek Lam's Travel Essentials : Rhodia Drive

Derek Lam’s Travel Essentials : Rhodia Drive

Just Released! Rhodia Premium No. 16 Notepad & Holder Gift Set

17 Apr

Just Released! Rhodia Premium No. 16 Notepad & Holder Gift Set (6 x 8.25) on sale at

Free Rhodia + Instagram: Action on Set!

15 Apr

While supplies last, we’re adding one FREE Rhodia No. 11 Top Staple Bound Notepad into EVERY order from! On top of that, when you receive your free Rhodia notepad, snap an Instagram of it in action, tag us at @Europaper and #EuroFreebie, we’ll send you a personalized coupon for your next order! Awesomesauce, right?!

Notes & Quotes: Storytelling with Orson Welles

12 Apr

"If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story." Quote by Orson Welles, image by

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Back in Stock! Exacompta Vintage FAF Pad

11 Apr

Exacompta Vintage FAF Pad (4.25 x 7.25) on

When we first introduced the Exacompta Vintage FAF Notepad, they flew off the shelves! Well, we’re excited to announce they’re back in stock now! With a subtle vintage look and feel, Exacompta’s Vintage FAF Note Pad (4.25 by 7.25 inches) is a practical, yet stylish, desk pad with enough room for daily notes and musings. Shop the Exacompta Vintage FAF Notepad here!

Introducing the TWSBI Vac 700 Fountain Pen

10 Apr

Just in to TWSBI Vac 700 Fountain Pen and Fountain Pen Nibs

We’re so excited to add TWSBI to! We’ve started with an edited selection of the intriguing writing instrument brand, including the TWSBI Vac 700 Fountain Pen, TWSBI Fountain Pen Nibs, and TWSBI Precision Ballpoint Pen. And we’ll soon be adding many more TWSBI pens and writing accessories!

Read TWSBI’s brand story on our blog here, and check out all TWSBI writing products on our site here!

TWSBI: Intertwining Chinese Culture and Writing Instruments

8 Apr

Shop all TWSBI fountain pens, ballpoint pens, and fountain pen nibs on

With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing (originally as Ta Shin Precision; TWSBI was launched as a separate brand only in 2009), the TWSBI brand recaptures the romantic flair of past art and literature within its modern-day design. Relying heavily on customer feedback to tweak each product to perfection, TWSBI manufactures fountain pens, mechanical pencils, ballpoint pens, fountain pen ink bottles, among others.

Based in Taiwan, TWSBI’s roots as Ta Shin Precision are as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for other global companies. Philip Wang branched out with the brand name TWSBI in 2009 and it quickly evolved to encompass a smattering of fine writing instruments and accessories. TWSBI holds high standards for the quality industrial design found in their fountain pens, but they also work hard to offer their products at lower prices so more people have access to them.

When TWSBI says they want to hear your feedback on their products, they mean it. Read the story of how TWSBI launched their first product (the Diamond 530) complete with testers and feedback here on Fountain Pen Network. And here’s the result, direct from TWSBI’s man-in-charge, Philip Wang:

“The result was the TWSBI Diamond 530, a classic fountain pen with a piston ink-filling system.  By fusing the traditional mechanisms of the fountain pen with a modern industrial design, we have created an eye-catching fountain pen that is simultaneously appreciative of the past and relevant in the present.”

TWSBI Vac 700 Fountain Pen on

TWSBI Vac 700 Fountain Pen on

Not only is TWSBI’s direct customer service via online channels incredibly quick and valuable, TWSBI has another factor that makes it unique. TWSBI includes a manual with each fountain pen instructing you how to disassemble the entire pen and put it all back together. In our fast-paced world and grab-and-go products, TWSBI encourages the avid fountain pen user to slow down, take some time, and enjoy the process of getting to know TWSBI fountain pens inside and out, literally.

Of course, we would be remiss to not answer the most frequent question about TWSBI: what does TWSBI stand for?

Intricate and encompassing the past and present yet again, TWSBI’s name has an interesting story. It’s best to hear from the source, as TWSBI says: “TWSBI’s name stands for the phrase “Hall of Three Cultures” or “San Wen Tong” in Chinese. The character “Wen” translates into language and culture. The phrase “San Wen Tong” also brings to mind the Hall of the Three Rare Treasures created by Emperor Qianlong as a memorial to three great masterpieces of Chinese calligraphy. The initials of the phrase “San Wen Tong” was reversed and thus turned into “TWS”. The last letters “Bi” was added with its literal meaning of “writing instruments”. Thus combining the two segments, creating TWSBI.”

Shop all TWSBI fountain pen nibs on