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Archive | June, 2013

Notes & Quotes: Inspiration with Bertrand Russell

28 Jun

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Handmade Letterpressed Beauties : Brookfield Stationery

26 Jun

This is Art You Can Use. No tucking it away on a high shelf, no agonizing over whether it’s too fine to use:  does Aunt Joyce really deserve the nice stationery? The gorgeous patterns of Brookfield Letterpress Stationery are designed by Elisabeth Hyder, a former kindergarten teacher originally from Switzerland, and their vibrant colors and intriguing design mean this stationery is most definitely meant for Aunt Joyce, birthday parties, thank you notes, happy-to-see-you again notes and everyday invitations.

Elisabeth, who studied crafts as part of her teacher training, has always been an artist. Her husband and frequent collaborator, Darrell Hyder of The Sun Hill Press, has been a letterpress printer for over 40 years, working with both classic hand type and hot metal monotype.  As their four children grew and left home, Elisabeth settled more deeply into her craft and soon their home overflowed with her decorative paste paper and beautiful rubber stamp designs.  Together, she and Darrell have produced stationery, decorative papers, books and ephemera for years. Each year, Elisabeth designs new patterns for note cards as well as the cover designs for Sun Hill miniature books; together she and Darrell do all of the printing and editing of the OrangeArt Miniature Books.

Way back in the early 1990s, their good friends Carol and John, who are fine stationery manufacturers and wholesalers, asked if Darrell could create a letterpress sheet of Elisabeth’s stamps. Not only would they be beautiful papers for their customers, they thought, but they could be converted into a line of stationery for everyone to enjoy. And so it began. An enterprise rooted in friendship and beautiful products for all to enjoy.

Twenty years later their friendship and artistic collaboration continues strong, and we’re pleased to add their lovely work to our own pantheon of letterpress papers. Why do these products make people—including us—smile so much? Elisabeth’s patterns recall favorite fabrics, bookbinders’ tools, Japanese prints and the feel of depth is the result of rich, hand-mixed ink literally sunk into fine paper on heavy letterpresses by Darrell. The stationery products made by OrangeArt are useful as well as beautiful and are made entirely in New England .

Brookfield Stationery’s motto is “Art You Can Use.” Art that brightens every day, accompanies you to dinner parties and PTA functions, and brings some vibrant New England-Swiss beauty into your home.  While we love these for our own any-occasion correspondence, we’ve also found these notecards also make a great small gift perfect for hosts or hostesses, friendly neighbors, and the unexpected gift exchange. Even better, each stationery box has been wrapped with letterpress sheets to be refilled or re-purposed again: no wrapping required.


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GraF it Pads & Andy Warhol!

25 Jun

When these Clairefontaine Vintage Graf it Sketchpads arrived, we were instantly drifting off on a magical pop art daydream with muse Andy Warhol. We believe he would favor these sketchpads, as they’re perfect for bold prints, fine ornate drawings, or loose wacky lines. The heavy 41 lb. paper holds lots of color and is perfect for quick experiments with mixed media. We think he’d also get a kick that the covers are such a high-five to his style, giving each GraF it Pad holder their own 15 minutes of fame. With many cover colors, prints, bold retro typography, and 4 sizes, they’ve got lots of personality, just like him. Shop Clairefontaine GraF It Pads »

Here are our staff’s fave facts about Andy…

Andy was born Andrew Warhola on August 6th, 1928.

He contracted Sydenham’s chorea when he was a young boy, and his artistic mother encouraged him to pursue creating art while he was sick. Foreshadowing his future subjects, he started to collect pictures of movie stars. He would grow up to print celebrity works of Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, Muhammad Ali, Elvis Presley and Elizabeth Taylor.

He was an art editor for his college’s student magazine, and broke into his wild world with a first job for Glamour magazine. First assignment : “Success is a Job in New York.”

Over a decade, Warhol worked for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The New Yorker, and more high-profile clients.

His favorite thing to buy was underwear.

Warhol believed his gray hair in his 20′s helped people notice his youthful good looks.

He was a self-proclaimed “mama’s boy.” His mother collaborated on many of his artworks, and even signed his pieces sometimes.

Andy rented an abandoned firehouse as a painting studio in his early days, later moving up to the iconic Factory.

He was a regular volunteer for a homeless shelter while in New York City.

Andy was shot by a feminist three times in 1968. He was pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital, but later revived after intense surgery.

He was audited every year from 1972 until his death in 1987.

From the ’50s through the ’70s, Andy always kept a cardboard box beside his desk that he would fill with interesting ephemera. When they were full, he’d close and date them. By the time Andy passed away, he had assembled over 600 of these “time capsules.”

They’re fascinating! See the 21st time capsule here »

Salvador Dali once gave Warhol his used color palettes, he put them in a time capsule.

In the 80′s Warhol guest-starred in the 200th episode of The Love Boat. He was represented by a modeling agency, appeared in a Diet Coke commercial, and purchased 2000 bottles of Dom Pérignon to celebrate the new millennium.

The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the largest museum in the United States of America which is dedicated to a single artist.

For more, check out 82 Things You Didn’t Know About Andy Warhol. Find the car print here.

Arpa Artesanos del Papel : ARPA Handmade Artisanal Paper

24 Jun

Arpa Artesanos del Papel (ARPA), was founded by Enrique Garcia in 1993. A paper engineer with over forty years of industry experience, Garcia’s goal then—as now—was to catapult his experience into making high quality, artisanal paper. He certainly succeeds with these beautiful ARPA notecards!

The inherent beauty of these note cards comes from ARPA signature combination of historic artisanal knowledge and commitment to consistent quality. From its headquarters in the historic Mediterranean port city of Alicante, Spain, ARPA painstaking creates each individual sheet of paper according to time-honored tradition. First, sustainable cotton is harvested, then treated and refined in a Hollander beater. A 17th century Dutch invention, this Hollander beater cuts and caresses the fibers as well as fibrillating and hydrating them. No chlorine or other chemical treatment is used during the glue process, and the colored notecards are delicately tinted using only natural pigments. Each sheet of paper is individually created, from the smallest calling card to bath-sheet sized Fine Art paper. This means that every edge of ARPA paper carries that delightful deckled edge. The wet sheets are pressed between two wool filters, for that distinctive ARPA finish, and then air dried to assure the appropriate volume.

Enrique Garcia oversees every step of this complex process.  Each element of the paper’s production, from fiber length to dimensional stability, from color to ink resistance, and from surface texture to archival quality, is carefully and minutely controlled.  This exacting attention to every detail ensures that every batch of paper is a uniform, lovely product, just waiting for your pen.

This keen thoughtfulness of creation extends to ARPA’s ecological footprint.  Cards are 80% – 100% cotton—a yearly sustainable resource—and are acid free. ARPA’s refusal of any chemical treatment allows their archival quality notecards retain their attractively soft cotton feel. Their traditional production methodologies are also exceptionally responsible and produce almost zero waste.

For ARPA, quality is synonymous with historic artisanship and ecological responsiveness.  That this bundle of feel-good note set  has such an attractive, touchable finish and comes wrapped in traditional string with a red wax seal, makes us feel simply fabulous.  Let these elegant notecards connect you to the Spanish coast, sunshine, and sea, and simpler, perhaps more thoughtful, time.

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Bike to Work Day 2013 : Which Journal Suits Your Bike?

23 Jun

Have you registered to Bike to Work on Wednesday? It’s a nationwide phenomenon! We’re hopping on our two wheels, which (oddly enough) correspond perfectly with our favorite notebooks. We’re so head over heels for Mission Bicycle Company in San Francisco that it would only be proper to set them up with the best journals and notebooks from around the world. Here are pairs we’re digging :

1. Rhodia » and the Bright White Bike »
2. Fabriano » and the Safety Orange Bike »
3. Leuchtturm » and the Celeste Bike »
4. Exacompta » and the Sky Blue Bike »
5. Moleskine » and the Chrome Bike »
6. Paperblanks » and the Brown Bike »

Notes & Quotes: Writing with E.L. Doctorow

21 Jun

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Customer & Staff Faves

19 Jun

Ever wonder what it’s like behind the scenes at European Paper? If you zoomed through our office and caught a quick glimpse of our work spaces, you’d find several of the above in each deskscape. We’re paper geeks for sure, but the best part is that our customers love the same products we do! These 8 brands are our most-loved top sellers. Try them and you’ll see why we get so excited to open a fresh notebook, sharpen a Blackwing, or post a new pen…

1. Blackwing Pencils »
2. Rhodia Notepads »
3. Rite in the Rain »
4. LAMY Pens »
5. Clipiola Italian Paper Clips »
6. Fisher Space Pens »
7. Leuchtturm Journals »
8. Evernote Smart Notebook » – And anything else from Moleskine »

Rhodia Featured in Oprah Magazine + Our Rhodia Travel Faves

18 Jun

Rhodia notepads are the perfect hard-working travel companion. Recently they were featured in Oprah Magazine as a fave of for Malia Mills who fell in love with Rhodia while traveling in Paris. Their durable cover, four paper formats, brilliant orange color, and various sizes make them easy to find, ready for anything, and easy to pack. Let’s not forget to mention the super-smooth paper inside – absolutely exquisite! Here are our fave 6 top staple bound pads for pockets, purses, briefcases, and carry-ons :

( from left to right )
No. 10 (2 x 3) Rhodia Notepad »
No. 11 (3 x 4) Rhodia Notepad »
No. 12 (3.375 x 4.75) Rhodia Notepad »
le Carré (5.75 x 5.75) Rhodia Notepad »
No. 13 (4 x 6) Rhodia Notepad »
No. 14 (4.375 x 6.375) Rhodia Notepad »

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Academic Planners = Whoosh Savers…

17 Jun

In a whirlwind time of year? If your deadlines, appointments, and to-dos are flying by it’s a perfect time to start fresh and get organized in an Academic (18-month) Planner. Most begin in July or August, have myriad formats, and last until the summer of 2014. Choose from

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Happy Father’s Day from European Paper!

16 Jun

Just a little note to say happy Father’s Day to all the big guys out there who’ve been coaches, leaders, and supporters for all of us.  Here’s an Armchair Sipper to enjoy on your big day.

Armchair Sipper

  • 1.5 oz Corsair Spiced Rum
  • .50 oz Ron Zacapa
  • .75 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
  • .50 oz Demerara Syrup
  • Corsair Triple Smoke

Rinse glass with Corsair Triple Smoke. Combine remaining ingredients and shake. Strain over four ice cubes in a rocks glass. Garnish with skewered maraschino cherry.

Recipe & photo via Esquire.

Notes & Quotes: Word Choice with Robert Frost

14 Jun

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Rhodia Academic Planners Have Arrived

13 Jun

What’s better than starting fresh in a Rhodia Academic Planner? It begins in August 2013 and wraps up in July 2014, so it’s a great idea for scholars and professionals. The amazing ink-friendly paper, along with the planner + notes format makes it a gem of datebooks for paper lovers and Rhodia fans alike. Plus, enjoy the convenient tear-off corners and elastic closure to keep your new academic planner organized. Shop Rhodia Academic Planners »