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Denver’s Mixed Taste – A Must-Go!

3 Jun

The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver is an animal of a different feather. Imagine walking into a super-slick black mammoth of a  building with a bleeding heart on its flank. The main entrance is a secret door, silently sliding open to greet you (like a secret agent to an underground arsenal) into a bright, minimalist cement abyss. Inside, you can float around galleries full of challenges to your genius + imagination. To top it off, when you’re done having your mind blown, head to the rooftop for a crisp cocktail with stellar views of Denver’s skyline. It’s on our hit list this summer!

One of our favorite times of year at MCA Denver has come again – Mixed Taste, their tag team lecture series. Why not venture into the world of contemporary art by catching these expert talks on unrelated topics. We love the juxtaposition of so many previous lectures, like Psychic Animals & Vincent Van Gogh, or Napoleonic Wars & Gin Martinis. This year, we want to see them all! Here’s their 2013 Mixed Taste line-up :

June 6  Zombies & Raw Milk Cheese
June 13  Honky Tonk & Paper Recordings
June 20  Comedic Opera & Vulcan Steel
June 27 Houdini & Déjà Vu
July 11  Sinkholes & Wormholes
July 18  Draft Beer & Draft Urbanism
July 25  Fiscal Cliff & Cliff Diving
August 1  YBAs & UFOs
August 8  Refrigeration & the Austrian Avant Garde
August 15  Sandhill Cranes & Performance Enhancing Drugs
August 22  Game Theory & Moonshine
August 29  Tyrannosaurus Rex & Lucha Libre

It’ll be a wild ride! Get your MCA Denver Mixed Taste tickets right here »
All pictures via MCA Denver

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