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Rhodia Featured in Oprah Magazine + Our Rhodia Travel Faves

18 Jun

Rhodia notepads are the perfect hard-working travel companion. Recently they were featured in Oprah Magazine as a fave of for Malia Mills who fell in love with Rhodia while traveling in Paris. Their durable cover, four paper formats, brilliant orange color, and various sizes make them easy to find, ready for anything, and easy to pack. Let’s not forget to mention the super-smooth paper inside – absolutely exquisite! Here are our fave 6 top staple bound pads for pockets, purses, briefcases, and carry-ons :

( from left to right )
No. 10 (2 x 3) Rhodia Notepad »
No. 11 (3 x 4) Rhodia Notepad »
No. 12 (3.375 x 4.75) Rhodia Notepad »
le Carré (5.75 x 5.75) Rhodia Notepad »
No. 13 (4 x 6) Rhodia Notepad »
No. 14 (4.375 x 6.375) Rhodia Notepad »

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