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Bike to Work Day 2013 : Which Journal Suits Your Bike?

23 Jun

Have you registered to Bike to Work on Wednesday? It’s a nationwide phenomenon! We’re hopping on our two wheels, which (oddly enough) correspond perfectly with our favorite notebooks. We’re so head over heels for Mission Bicycle Company in San Francisco that it would only be proper to set them up with the best journals and notebooks from around the world. Here are pairs we’re digging :

1. Rhodia » and the Bright White Bike »
2. Fabriano » and the Safety Orange Bike »
3. Leuchtturm » and the Celeste Bike »
4. Exacompta » and the Sky Blue Bike »
5. Moleskine » and the Chrome Bike »
6. Paperblanks » and the Brown Bike »

One Response to “Bike to Work Day 2013 : Which Journal Suits Your Bike?”

  1. Carol June 23, 2013 at 11:29 AM #

    Being visual I really liked this post. Having your bike match your journal is pretty cool. I will think about this post the next time I ride my bike. I always have a journal on me to write about my route and what music I am listening to.

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