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Arpa Artesanos del Papel : ARPA Handmade Artisanal Paper

24 Jun

Arpa Artesanos del Papel (ARPA), was founded by Enrique Garcia in 1993. A paper engineer with over forty years of industry experience, Garcia’s goal then—as now—was to catapult his experience into making high quality, artisanal paper. He certainly succeeds with these beautiful ARPA notecards!

The inherent beauty of these note cards comes from ARPA signature combination of historic artisanal knowledge and commitment to consistent quality. From its headquarters in the historic Mediterranean port city of Alicante, Spain, ARPA painstaking creates each individual sheet of paper according to time-honored tradition. First, sustainable cotton is harvested, then treated and refined in a Hollander beater. A 17th century Dutch invention, this Hollander beater cuts and caresses the fibers as well as fibrillating and hydrating them. No chlorine or other chemical treatment is used during the glue process, and the colored notecards are delicately tinted using only natural pigments. Each sheet of paper is individually created, from the smallest calling card to bath-sheet sized Fine Art paper. This means that every edge of ARPA paper carries that delightful deckled edge. The wet sheets are pressed between two wool filters, for that distinctive ARPA finish, and then air dried to assure the appropriate volume.

Enrique Garcia oversees every step of this complex process.  Each element of the paper’s production, from fiber length to dimensional stability, from color to ink resistance, and from surface texture to archival quality, is carefully and minutely controlled.  This exacting attention to every detail ensures that every batch of paper is a uniform, lovely product, just waiting for your pen.

This keen thoughtfulness of creation extends to ARPA’s ecological footprint.  Cards are 80% – 100% cotton—a yearly sustainable resource—and are acid free. ARPA’s refusal of any chemical treatment allows their archival quality notecards retain their attractively soft cotton feel. Their traditional production methodologies are also exceptionally responsible and produce almost zero waste.

For ARPA, quality is synonymous with historic artisanship and ecological responsiveness.  That this bundle of feel-good note set  has such an attractive, touchable finish and comes wrapped in traditional string with a red wax seal, makes us feel simply fabulous.  Let these elegant notecards connect you to the Spanish coast, sunshine, and sea, and simpler, perhaps more thoughtful, time.

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