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Archive | June, 2013

GTD : 10 Reasons You Should Have A Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook

12 Jun

Moleskine fans, it’s time to celebrate – Evernote Smart Notebooks by Moleskine just arrived! We’re pretty psyched to carry the notebook revolution that connects your analog and digital worlds via your mobile device. The ultimate Getting Things Done application, Evernote 5 was recently selected as a 2013 Apple Design Award Winner, an honor of state of the art innovation. Here’s our staff’s top 10 reasons you should grab an Evernote Smart Notebook »

1. Take notes, write a novel, sketch your dreams – snap a photo – & launch them into space

Space being the internet- but nonetheless, it’s a breeze to upload your creations. You can keep all of your handmade creations from your Smart Notebook in your online Evernote account. Bin them, enhance them by combining other online resources, share with your network, and organize to a T. Sit back and watch your desktop and internet worlds collide.

2. It’s now available for iOS & Android phones with a 3 month subscription to Evernote Premium

Upon it’s first launch, Evernote’s Page Camera App was only available for iPhones and iPads, but now it has embraced the Android universe as well. Your Smart Notebook also comes with a 3 month trial of Evernote Premium with added features of the free version, like larger storage space, lock access, PDF and document search, note history, and much more.

3. Organize your thoughts

Smart Stickers are included with your notebook. They instantly tag your pages for your customized digital library. No matter how disorganized your Evernote Smart Notebook gets, you can always find peaceful organization in your online Evernote filing system.

4. Remember your faves from your everyday explorations

Next to connecting with your notebook, it also connects to your wild & interesting life! Browsing the book store or wine aisles and finding too many amazing options? Stumble upon treasures while traveling? Simply snap a shot and save them for the future. You can document the location, price, style, and anything else you’d like to record about your discoveries so you can find them in a jiffy!

5. Sync across all your digital devices

If you’re like us, you love fabulous paper. But next to your arsenal of desktop stationery, amazing pencils, and pens, you’ve also got a smart phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop, right? Not to worry, you can log in to your Evernote cloud from any device, any where, any time. It’s perfect for techies and busy schedules. Who has time for tech-syncing overload?

6. Jet-setters will love the trip planning features

Everything you need for your trip can go under the plans for your next vacation. From notes in your Evernote Smart Notebook of your dream itinerary, to online boarding passes, sketches of architectural marvels, reviews of exotic restaurants, maps, and more!

7. Collaborate with friends & colleagues

Wonderful for working long distance, in team environments, and on class projects. Share, comment, and note edits with the feedback from your colleagues. The “Evernote Lined” or “Evernote Squared” pages seamlessly transfer clear images of your notes and sketches to your team.

8. Bookmark your favorite web pages

Looking around on your smart phone and finding everything you’d like to have for your office? Save our (or any other website’s) pages to keep quick links to your favorite products.

9. Your dog won’t eat it*

While we’re not absolutely sure of every dog’s particular tastes, we like to prepare for the predicament of bad things happening to a good notebook. Give Fido a break and simply log on to your online Evernote account, everything you’ve recorded is safe and sound in your digital world. *The artistic blind debossed cover has such great inspiring energy and the eco paper inside has such great karma – we’re guessing your clairvoyant pup wouldn’t want to get their chew on.

10. Research like a pro

Collect everything you need for one topic – handwritten notes, plans, online articles, references, links and more into one file. Great for taking notes in classes or business meetings and combining your handwritten recollection in your Smart Notebook with an online extension for deadlines or important task dates, further online research, or highlighting specific items of interest.

The Well-Appointed Desk : Inspirations for Your Deskscape

10 Jun

We’re always up for a little office design inspiration. Check out Ana Reinert’s Well-Appointed Desk Pinterest board, and shop our fave desk must-haves:

1. Legendary Blackwing pencils »   2. RHODIA – an absolute necessity »  3. The fantastical Clipiola Italian paper clips »  4. Quo Vadis Academic Planners »   5. Moleskine Folio Professional Filers »    6. TWSBI Vac 700 Fountain Pen »

Notes & Quotes: Writing with Thoreau

7 Jun

Notes & Quotes Series on

Want more quotes? Discover them all on our blog here!

Paperblanks Journals : The Great Gatsby Manuscript by F. Scott Fitzgerald

6 Jun

With a new brilliant film release of The Great Gatsby, we wanted to send a little nod to the literary genius of the 1920′s F. Scott Fitzgerald and his glowing journal from Paperblanks. Did you know that Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby after moving to France? With every eloquent quote and plush imagery on Gatsby’s pages,  we can imagine him floating in a daydream around the mysterious city – eyes wide open, imagination running wild.


This journal’s strong cover is gold embossed with the handwritten manuscript of The Great Gatsby, and bound by a magnetic wrapped panel with Fitzgerald’s signature. Next to all the beauty, it’s well-built with smooth vellum laid paper inside. It’s one journal that is so special it makes a memorable gift for graduates and Fitzgerald fans alike. Shop the Paperblanks Embellished Manuscript Journal »
If you’re feelin’ jazzy, go the extra mile and tuck a pair of movie tickets in the back pocket. Here’s a trailer to spark your interest :


New Arrival : Original Crown Stationery

5 Jun



Original Crown Mill Stationery

Imported from Belgium
Deluxe stationery with a pop of color
10 laid finish cards
10 tissue lined envelopes
Write like a king… loved by royal courts dating back to the 17th century

The requests to bring on this fantastic stationery have poured in from all over. Finally, we’re happy to announce Original Crown Mill has arrived in a myriad of beautiful colors. If you love having a great note card on hand, and love the element of surprise with a lined envelope, Original Crown Mill is a must-have. Shop Original Crown Stationery»

Original Crown Mill Stationery : Write Like a King

4 Jun

An august lineage peppered with royal orders and paper-making monks?
Oh yes.

Original Crown Mill paper actually dates back as far as 1478 when the Holy Roman Emperor of the time, Emperor Maximilian I, granted the monks of the Belgian hamlet La Hulpe permission to build a mill on Grand Etang (Big Pond). They did and, bolstered by their close proximity to Brussels and the clear, pure waters of the ‘silver river’ L’Argentine, they thrived. The monastery quickly became a hub of fine paper-making, earning the Crown’s ultimate seal of approval when King Philip IV of Spain invested La Hulpe with the title “Imperial and Royal Paper Manufacture” in 1664.

Another two centuries on, and Belgium’s Industrial Revolution hit. Enter Frederic Pelletier who, in 1870, set out to preserve and continue the 17th handmade paper style. Since then, the venerable Pelletier company has produced this crisp laid finish paper to exacting standards of elegance, supplying the Belgian Royal Family (and the rest of us) with beautiful, evocative stationery.

Today, we’re thrilled to add this handsome, Vergé stationery to European Paper Company’s line up. The Silk Tissue Note Cards, with their laid paper envelopes and brightly colored lining add a distinguished frisson to your correspondence, invitations and thank you notes. If the luxury of pure cotton paper is more your style, indulge in our Correspondence A5 Pad and the matching C6 envelopes, lined with white tissue. You’ll find that Original Crown Mill paper is fountain pen friendly and perfect for pen pals and special occasions alike.

Shop Original Crown Mill Stationery »

Handwriting Showcase : Dark Envelopes with Light Scripts

4 Jun

It’s wedding season! Whether you’re getting hitched or not, we get giddy thinking of all the hand-written correspondence opps a wedding can bring. It’s a perfect time to get inspired by beautiful penmanship. Here are some favorite inspirations of dark envelopes with glowing text we’ve loved on Etsy and beyond :

A Great Gatsby wedding or party theme by JillyInk on Etsy »

Beachy toned goodness from Ladyfingers Letterpress »

Fun “Ricardo” style from Sarah Watson Illustration »

Whimsical calligraphy for hire by TineAndThread on Etsy »

Are you a master at hand-lettering? Send us links to your site or tag us on Instagram : @EuroPaper – we’d love to see it! info [at] europeanpaper [dot] com
Feeling like addressing some fabulous envelopes? This stunning pink color from G.Lalo would look awesome with light lettering »
Or feel free to   Shop All Pens & Pencils »    Shop All Stationery »   

Denver’s Mixed Taste – A Must-Go!

3 Jun

The Museum of Contemporary Art Denver is an animal of a different feather. Imagine walking into a super-slick black mammoth of a  building with a bleeding heart on its flank. The main entrance is a secret door, silently sliding open to greet you (like a secret agent to an underground arsenal) into a bright, minimalist cement abyss. Inside, you can float around galleries full of challenges to your genius + imagination. To top it off, when you’re done having your mind blown, head to the rooftop for a crisp cocktail with stellar views of Denver’s skyline. It’s on our hit list this summer!

One of our favorite times of year at MCA Denver has come again – Mixed Taste, their tag team lecture series. Why not venture into the world of contemporary art by catching these expert talks on unrelated topics. We love the juxtaposition of so many previous lectures, like Psychic Animals & Vincent Van Gogh, or Napoleonic Wars & Gin Martinis. This year, we want to see them all! Here’s their 2013 Mixed Taste line-up :

June 6  Zombies & Raw Milk Cheese
June 13  Honky Tonk & Paper Recordings
June 20  Comedic Opera & Vulcan Steel
June 27 Houdini & Déjà Vu
July 11  Sinkholes & Wormholes
July 18  Draft Beer & Draft Urbanism
July 25  Fiscal Cliff & Cliff Diving
August 1  YBAs & UFOs
August 8  Refrigeration & the Austrian Avant Garde
August 15  Sandhill Cranes & Performance Enhancing Drugs
August 22  Game Theory & Moonshine
August 29  Tyrannosaurus Rex & Lucha Libre

It’ll be a wild ride! Get your MCA Denver Mixed Taste tickets right here »
All pictures via MCA Denver

Our Top Gifts for Father’s Day

1 Jun

Our fave gift ideas for Father’s Day – Shop Them All Here »
Order by Tuesday June 11th and your Father’s Day gift is guaranteed to arrive on time!

The Guy’s Guy : Moleskine Beer Journal
Bossman : Conklin Mark Twain Black Chase Crescent Filler Fountain Pen
Man with a Plan : Rhodia Premium No. 16 Notepad & Holder Gift Set
Busy Professional : Quo Vadis 2013-14 Club Septanote #49 Academic Weekly Planner
In the Know : Blackwing Luxury Large Notebook & Folio Cover