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Archive | July, 2013

Something Very Scottish About Alwych All-Weather Notebooks

31 Jul

“I never travel without my notebook – I always, always take my little black Alwych notebook. And pens. And a map of wherever I’m going. And a torch.” – Michael Palin, travel writer and Monty Python comedian

While fascinating in their own right, Alwych Notebooks are but one chapter in a long and intriguing history of Scottish printers and stationers. On the off chance that you get as excited about history as we do, here’s the background. The company—then Nisbet MacNiven—began in 1770 and moved eight miles into downtown Edinburgh, Scotland in 1788 to expand its wholesale stationery. Almost 60 years later, a pair of Cameron brothers joined the business, changing the name to MacNiven and Cameron in 1845. By 1850, another, younger, Cameron brother invented the Waverley fountain pen nib—named for Sir Walter Scott’s popular novels—with a narrow waist and upturned point. This upturned point, which functioned almost as a ball point, was intended to improve writing smoothness and be less appealing to schoolboys who enjoyed re-purposing sharp-nibbed pens as darts. Whether it was effective at decreasing schoolhouse antics or not, the production of Waverley pens was outsourced until 1900, when MacNiven and Cameron bought their own manufacturing facility in Birmingham, England and set about making fountain pens.

Unfortunately, production of the popular nib and other pens began to falter and by the 1920s, the company began shifting back into paper stationery.  The classic Alwych Notebook likely appeared by the early 1930s, contemporaneous with the then-produced Greenback ledgers and Denbigh cash books. While production has changed hands a few more times, and the Birmingham factory closed in 1964, the Alwych All-Weather Notebook has remained the same for over 80 years, even down to the styling.

There’s something very Scottish about this notebook. It’s something about the practical, utilitarian quality, made to last despite the unexpected (or quite expected!) thundershower or soft but drenching smirr. Unfortunately for fountain pen lovers, it’s manufactured for slightly less wet inks. But somehow, that too meshes with this notebook’s persona. It’s meant to be carried along on birding expeditions, archaeological digs, backpacking in rural Romania and South Africa, and to jot down notes while surveying, fishing, gardening, or building high rises in the rain. While it perfectly accompanies a morning cuppa, it loves to be out and about. And what do you know, so do we!

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Notes & Quotes: Growing Up with Pablo Picasso

26 Jul

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Word. The Task Masters

24 Jul

You know the feeling: you suddenly look up and it’s July. August is around the corner and back to school is looming. Your to-do lists start lengthening with last-ditch summer fun and all the projects you really meant to have done by now; even worse, those to-do lists get stuffed into pockets, scribbled-across, updated sideways, and then you’re stuck at 4 p.m. on a Thursday, remembering only that you’re forgetting something. Something important. In other words, you’re ready to try another organizational system.

But nothing too clunky or convoluted.

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there, which is why European Paper Company is so very pleased to introduce Word. Notebooks to our collection of journals. Designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, Word. Notebooks set out to standardize an organizational system that streamlines your lists and scribbles and helps you to get things done.

The system itself is simple and embedded in the left hand margin of these pocket notebooks. A pair of unobtrusive concentric circles—a bulls-eye—marks each line. When you add a new task to your list, fill in the internal bullet point. If the task is important (are there other kinds?), trace a circle around the outer edge. When you begin the task, add a slash to denote the progress, and when you finish, simply ‘X’ that line, and you’re ready to begin the next item on your list. Nothing clunky, and nothing convoluted about it. The ¼” ruling is aptly suited for lists, but the ruling and the system are both a pale gray Hostmann-Steinberg ink which allows you to use or disregard these guides as you would like.

At 60#, the Lynx Opaque Ultra smooth white paper stock in Word. Notebooks is relatively hefty for a pocket notebook. This paper is smooth, relatively stiff for a pocket notebook, and has a light, appealing tooth to it. It’s great with pencils (graphite loves this paper!) as well as gels and ballpoint pens.

The duo-stapled covers are 120# Environment Desert Storm smooth paper which is 100% post-consumer recycled and, like the interior, acid-free and pH-neutral. These little Word. Notebooks were designed by California-based art director Evan Walker and made entirely in the U.S.A.

If you’re ready to give organization another go, we highly suggest these Word. Notebooks. Simple and simply effective, these slip so easily into your satchel or day bag that they’re immediately available whenever a new to-do arises.

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Our Letters Are Sealed! G.Lalo’s Mode de Paris & Back to Zero Wax Seals

22 Jul

We are such suckers for a luxe wax seal! When we stumbled upon Back to Zero’s gold plated wax seal stamps via Etsy, we knew they would be a perfect pair for our G.Lalo Mode de Paris boxed stationery.
This delicious Pistachio color simply belongs with a bold teal Peacock Feather.
Or this crisp Graphite Grey with a punchy Classic Anchor in bright blue.

And how could we keep this beautiful Raspberry from being adorned by this delightful gold Compass?

See more stationery colors here, and more beautiful wax seals here.
Which Mode de Paris combination is your fave?

All wax seal pictures via Back to Zero



Notes & Quotes: Making Art with Robert Henri

19 Jul

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The Pastel Jewel of Artisinal Stationery : ARPA

17 Jul


Arpa Handmade Note Set (6 x 6)

Arpa Handmade Note Set (3.75 x 5.5)

Arpa Handmade Note Set (4.75 x 7)


Monochromatic Mainstays

16 Jul


Minimalist? Here’s a collection you can rejoice in. Everyday tools that are brilliant in luster and function, slick in black and white hues, understated – yet refined. We’ll even keep this post simple – knowing you’d appreciate it.

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Handwriting Showcase : Oh My Deer Handmades

15 Jul


When it comes to whimsical handwriting, Chelsea  from Oh My Deer (one of our long time faves) definitely takes the cake! She puts so much love into each character. Her custom pieces have so much gumption and exclusive style as well.  Enjoy her delightful blog and her Etsy shop. Send some love from all of us at European Paper!

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Notes & Quotes: Living with Marilyn Grey

13 Jul

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Just in! 2014 Cavallini Calendars

12 Jul

If you love Cavallini Papers as much as we do, you can feel our excitement for our latest arrival. All the beautiful Japanese Woodblocks, the Vintage Travel, the delicate detail in the Botanica flower petals – we’re over the moon! Which prints did Cavallini bring to the collection for 2014? Shop desk calendars, or shop Cavallini wall calendars and discover them all.

The Most Amazing Academic Planners for Back to School

11 Jul



Pens applaud Rhodia’s amazing paper
These academic planners have the same format, that work wonderfully for planners, architects, and other dreamers that love to draft ideas. The orange print is energizing, and we love the paper so much that we can’t wait to make plans!


Love, Refill, Reuse
The Club Academic Planners from Quo Vadis are exceptional. With their beautiful, clear, crisp printing, myriad formats, and the option to refill – it’s one of our best sellers year after year. Find your perfect Academic Planner format…



The Iconic, Classic Journal – as an Academic Planner
This Academic Planner is witty, minimalist, slick, and professional. Choose from planner + notes weekly format, or a horizontal weekly format. You’ll love the durable sewn binding and acid free paper.