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Link Pack of Amazing Creative Business Resources, Vetted by SwissMiss

7 Oct

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We’re huge fans of the incredible Tina Roth Eisenberg, founder of Swiss-Miss, a brilliant design blog. One of our favorite columns from her is her end of the week wrap up, Friday Link Pack, where she shares resources that intrigue with abundant amounts of education, life hacks, and humor.

Here are our favorite links she’s shared from volumes of her Friday Link Packs :

1. Start Something : The Power of Side Projects
“Side projects are much more than simply hobbies, they are indicators of what you are capable of building. In an age where so many people are talkers and so few are doers, side projects can be the factor that sets you apart from the rest of the pack.”

2. How Effective People Handle Emails
“If you’re like most people, you feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the amount of email you receive. You would rather spend time on high-impact projects instead of digging through your inbox.”

3. The Noise of Stuff by Mikael Cho
“Cleaning out your closet, emptying your inbox, putting things where they “belong.”

4. Startup Toolkit: The Best Tools for Entrepreneurs
“Today, we’re gonna list all greatest tools for entrepreneurs and startups.”

5. What happens in one second on the internet – an amazing, alive infographic »

6. Ten Things I’ve Learned – Milton Glaser »
“Professionalism is not enough, or the good is the enemy of the great.”


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