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Francy Clairefontaine Notebooks Make Wonderful Gifts

13 Nov



The Creme-de-la-Creme of French notebooks since 1858! Clairefontaine is loved by paper lovers and fountain pen aficionados for their addictively smooth vellum crisp white + eco-friendly paper, and their myriad binding styles. Gather a bundle of Clairefontaine notebooks for a wonderful gift!

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Eco Luxe : Our Earth Conscious Stationery

16 Apr

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Top 8 Artist’s Studio Faves

25 Feb



Our art supply aficionados curated their top 8 studio loves for all artists to enjoy.
Find this beautiful image of Katie Stratton on A Beautiful Mess’ tour of her studio.
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The “Francy” French Notebook – Clairefontaine is as Good as it Gets!

6 Nov

clairefontaine-european-paperThe crème de la crème of “francy” french notebooks, Clairefontaine made since 1858. Our staff is addicted to the satin smooth, eco-friendly, fountain pen loving paper!

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GraF it Pads & Andy Warhol!

25 Jun

When these Clairefontaine Vintage Graf it Sketchpads arrived, we were instantly drifting off on a magical pop art daydream with muse Andy Warhol. We believe he would favor these sketchpads, as they’re perfect for bold prints, fine ornate drawings, or loose wacky lines. The heavy 41 lb. paper holds lots of color and is perfect for quick experiments with mixed media. We think he’d also get a kick that the covers are such a high-five to his style, giving each GraF it Pad holder their own 15 minutes of fame. With many cover colors, prints, bold retro typography, and 4 sizes, they’ve got lots of personality, just like him. Shop Clairefontaine GraF It Pads »

Here are our staff’s fave facts about Andy…

Andy was born Andrew Warhola on August 6th, 1928.

He contracted Sydenham’s chorea when he was a young boy, and his artistic mother encouraged him to pursue creating art while he was sick. Foreshadowing his future subjects, he started to collect pictures of movie stars. He would grow up to print celebrity works of Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, Muhammad Ali, Elvis Presley and Elizabeth Taylor.

He was an art editor for his college’s student magazine, and broke into his wild world with a first job for Glamour magazine. First assignment : “Success is a Job in New York.”

Over a decade, Warhol worked for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The New Yorker, and more high-profile clients.

His favorite thing to buy was underwear.

Warhol believed his gray hair in his 20′s helped people notice his youthful good looks.

He was a self-proclaimed “mama’s boy.” His mother collaborated on many of his artworks, and even signed his pieces sometimes.

Andy rented an abandoned firehouse as a painting studio in his early days, later moving up to the iconic Factory.

He was a regular volunteer for a homeless shelter while in New York City.

Andy was shot by a feminist three times in 1968. He was pronounced dead upon arrival to the hospital, but later revived after intense surgery.

He was audited every year from 1972 until his death in 1987.

From the ’50s through the ’70s, Andy always kept a cardboard box beside his desk that he would fill with interesting ephemera. When they were full, he’d close and date them. By the time Andy passed away, he had assembled over 600 of these “time capsules.”

They’re fascinating! See the 21st time capsule here »

Salvador Dali once gave Warhol his used color palettes, he put them in a time capsule.

In the 80′s Warhol guest-starred in the 200th episode of The Love Boat. He was represented by a modeling agency, appeared in a Diet Coke commercial, and purchased 2000 bottles of Dom Pérignon to celebrate the new millennium.

The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the largest museum in the United States of America which is dedicated to a single artist.

For more, check out 82 Things You Didn’t Know About Andy Warhol. Find the car print here.

2 is Better Than 1 with Clairefontaine 2-Subject Notebooks

29 May

2-in-1 with Clairefontaine's Twin Notebooks on

Doodle to Your Heart’s Desire with Clairefontaine’s GraF It Sketch Pads

19 Nov

Clairefontaine GraF It Sketchpads on

Now you can have the best of both worlds: a notebook and sketchbook in one with the Clairefontaine GraF It Sketch Pad!

Available in four sizes – pocket (4 x 6), large (6 x 8), A4 (8 x 12), and A3 (12 x 17) – and each with 80 micro-perforated sheets of 90 gsm Clairefontaine white, acid-free paper, you can sketch, doodle, and write to your heart’s desire. Use your favorite pencil, pen, fountain pen, and other writing instruments to fill the matte pages.

The GraF It Sketch Pads are both glued and stapled at the top so the cardstock front cover and the sturdy cardboard back cover never fail while giving you proper support. Clairefontaine’s GraF It Sketch Pads come in assorted cover colors and designs. Check them all out here –>

Fresh from Clairefontaine: Collection 1951 Notebooks

16 May

Clairefontaine 1951 Vintage Notebooks on

Introducing Clairefontaine’s Collection 1951 Pocket Vintage Notebooks to fans!

Based off Clairefontaine‘s original notebook from 1951, you can choose from the pocket size, 3.5 by 5.5 inches, or the large size, 5.75 by 8.25 inches. They even have the original textured, brightly hued covers, plus Clairefontaine’s renowned 90 gsm paper for a smooth writing experience. The side staple bound notebook comes with 48 sheets of ruled paper, plus a labeling box on the front of the cover for efficient organization.

Clairefontaine Pocket Vintage Notebooks - Set of 2 - on

Clairefontaine Pocket Vintage Notebooks - Set of 2 - on

Available in a set of 2 notebooks, choose from black, red, blue, green, turquoise, pink or purple covers … or choose them all! The Clairefontaine Collection 1951 Pocket Vintage Notebook will fast become your go-to notebook for daily use in the office, at home, and on all your adventures!

Clairefontaine Large Vintage Notebooks - Set of 2 - on

Clairefontaine Large Vintage Notebooks - Set of 2 - on

Clearly It’s Clairefontaine

10 Apr

Clairefontaine Brand Story on

Clairefontaine is a paper manufacturer in a class of its own. Originating in France, their rich history in paper-making led to their focus on quality products and sustainable practices that have made Clairefontaine a universal name in the paper world. Currently the only European paper manufacturer still making their own paper for their own products, Clairefontaine has a unique control over the quality of product as well as the impact their facilities have on the environment. Clairefontaine manufactures all of its products from two mills in Europe, making notebooks and stationery products at the Clairefontaine mill in France, and fine art paper and stationery at the Schut mill in the Netherlands.

Clairefontaine’s Mills History

The Clairefontaine mill was founded in the small commune of Etival-Clairefontaine by Jean-Baptiste Bichelberger. Established in 1858, the mill opened on the site of a paper mill that was built in 1512. Best known for making the first school notebooks in France, the Clairefontaine mill has been manufacturing paper since 1858 and stationery products since 1890.

Clairefontaine Classic A4 Side Spiralbound Notebook (8.25 x 11.75)

One of the most popular Clairefontaine notebooks: the Classic A4 Side Spiralbound

The Schut mill in the Netherlands has been operating since the dawn of paper making. Built in 1618, the original De Veentjes mill joined over 170 small paper mills in the Veluwe area of the Netherlands that found success due to the large demand for paper during the Dutch Golden Age. The mill was bought in 1710 by the Schut family, who operated it successfully for nearly three centuries before the mill burned down on May 6, 1895. A modern, steam-powered mill was built on the same spot and was eventually acquired by Papeteries de Clairefontaine in July of 1998. The Schut mill is the last specialty grade producer in the area, but retains its traditional values and dedication to quality.

Unique Environmental Control

Because they make their own paper, Clairefontaine is able to directly control their environmental impact on the surrounding lands. All of the wood pulp used in Clairefontaine paper is purchased from PEFC-certified sustainable forests. The company also has an advanced biological water purification system which removes nearly all of the paper by-product matter in the water so the water can be safely returned to the environment. In fact, people can swim, fish, and boat directly downstream of the Clairefontaine mill on the River Meurthe because the water returned to the river is actually cleaner than when it reached the mill!

What Makes Clairefontaine Paper Extra Special

The clean manufacturing processes at Clairefontaine create an exceptional paper that is loved by people around the world. Though notoriously shiny and white, Clairefontaine paper is absolutely chlorine-free. This is made possible by the use of calcium-carbonate, a mineral that creates the ultra-smooth writing surface that enhances the delight of writing on Clairefontaine paper. The paper is also opaque, meaning you can write on both sides without ink bleeding through.

Clairefontaine Classic Large Top Spiralbound Notepad (5.75 x 8.25)

Another fave of Clairefontaine fans: the Classic Large Top Spiralbound Notepad

All inks used in Clairefontaine products are made from vegetable oil pigments (soybean, corn, linseed oils) rather than mineral ones. This reduces emissions and ensures non-toxic and non-irritating inks. The company is also dedicated to waste reduction. All usable waste is converted into agricultural compost while the package design features returnable containers and bulk packaging. The Clairefontaine mill operates on a dual power generation system that supplies 80% of its own energy needs.

Clairefontaine’s rich history and conscious practices ensure consistent quality and minimal environmental impact, just two of the many reasons that people love writing on Clairefontaine paper. Check out the full selection of Clairefontaine on where you’ll find Clairefontaine’s Top Staple, Side Staple, Top Spiral, Side Spiral, Hard Cover, and Cloth Bound notebooks and notepads.