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For a Limited Time, Take 10% off Incredible Fisher Pens

5 Mar


Fisher Pens are out of this world. Literally.
With any Fisher Pen, feel the extraterrestrial powers of writing whilst :

* Scuba Diving (underwater)

* Visiting Mars (in extreme temps)

* Trapeezing (at any angle)

* Space Traveling (at zero gravity)
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Made in the USA : Our Favorite American Stationery, Journals, & More

1 Jul

FIELD NOTES | Chicago, Illinois
Enjoy America the beautiful under her spacious skies! Get outside and take your Field Notes with you to record your findings.
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BROOKFIELD   |  New England
The beauty and the subtlety of the hand mixed
colors, the fine vellum finish of each card, and the supreme attention to detail with each hand printed design make these an American classic.
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all-weather paper
COAST to rainy COAST
RITE IN THE RAIN  | Tacoma, Washington
Designed to address the needs of logging industry workers in the Pacific Northwest, the new paper technology soon became popular for outdoor professionals and enthusiasts around the United States.
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Antietam Red, Baystate blue, & many more…
NOODLER’S INK  |  Fayetteville, Georgia
One hundred percent made in the US, Noodler’s inks are very saturated, giving you a rich,
clean line as you write, and as an added bonus, there is less feathering and bleedthrough.
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best selling
QUO VADIS  |  Hamburg, New York
With the aim to keep you organized, all Quo Vadis Planners have acid-free and pH neutral paper, plus tear-off corners to open directly to the week in progress.
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LAMY PENS  |  Wilton, Conneticut
Environmentally friendly, Fisher Pens were designed for space and are guaranteed to perform in temperatures from -30 to +250 degrees F, underwater, in zero gravity, in elevations up to 12,500 feet, and at any angle.
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STILLMAN & BIRN  | Fairfield, New Jersey
Offering both hardbound and spiralbound sketchbooks with archival-grade paper, Stillman & Birn sketchbooks are your platform for expression in either dry or wet media.
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Mudlark Papers | Bolingbrook, Illinois
Mudlark stationery is made with recycled materials and soy inks. The fun, happy designs of the boxed stationery are beautiful and inspiring, and great for everything! Thank yous, hellos, wish you were here, the list goes on. Enjoy the cards and then keep mementos in the beautiful box when they’re all gone.
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New Colors of the Fisher Space Pens Just Landed!

1 May

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Make a Statement with the Fisher X-750 Pen + Save 10%

5 Sep

Fisher X-750 Space Pen on

Stylish and balanced, the Fisher X-750 Space Pen is a compact capped pen to make a statement in the office, at home, or on the go. The X-750 Pen features a rubberized grip for a comfortable writing experience, and an integrated clip so you never lose your new prized posession. The X-750 Space Pen comes with Fisher’s pressurized medium point, black ink cartridge so it’s ready to write straight out of the beautiful moonscape packaging. The X-750 Series Pen is available in classy chrome plating, classic matte black, or brilliant blueberry.

EPC Brands Made in the USA

29 Jun

Made in America!

These products have earned their stars & stripes …

Field Notes Pocket Mixed Notebook (Set of 3)

Noodler’s Bulletproof Inks (3 oz.) – Black

Mudlark Eco Kiko Memento Boxed Note Cards

Quotable Cards Live the Life Journal

Rite in the Rain Large Side Spiral Bound Notebook

Stillman & Birn Epsilon Side Spiralbound Sketchbook

Fisher Titanium Bullet Space Pen

Fisher Pens: Innovation Engineered for Space

1 May

Fisher Brand Story on

The Fisher Pen Company created a legacy of innovation through precise engineering based on the values of founder Paul C. Fisher (1913-2006). An engineer, political candidate, philosopher, author, and mentor, Fisher believed that the “scientific technique was the common sense approach to the solution of any problem.” Though the Fisher name is often synonymous with the creation of the “space pen” used on NASA missions to the moon, Fisher Pens are a relevant tool for many professions … not just astronauts!

Fisher Classic Bullet Space Pen

Fisher Classic Bullet Space Pen

Fisher History

Founded in 1945, The Fisher Pen Company began as a division of the Fisher-Armour Manufacturing Company in Chicago, Illinois. Fisher moved to California briefly before settling in Boulder City, Nevada, in 1976.

The company began manufacturing pens after one of one of its clients, the Reynolds Pen Company, decided to sell their business. Reynolds was the first company to manufacture the ballpoint pen in the United States, introducing a model replicating inventor László Bíró’s ballpoint pen which was being sold in Argentina at the time. Initially they had great success, but as the ballpoint skyrocketed to popularity, Reynolds saw less opportunity in the over saturated market and sold their manufacturing facilities to Fisher. Taking on the challenge of this new industry, Fisher set out to design a quality pen that stood out from the rest.

Engineering Pens for Space

With his strong background in engineering, Paul C. Fisher wanted to make a functional pen that was durable, ergonomic, and would not leak. The first working model of this pen was conceived in July 1948. Named the Fisher Bullet Pen, it remains one of their most popular products. The Bullet Pen was such a revolutionary invention that it has been on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Fisher added further contribution to the pen industry when he released the “Universal Refill” in 1953. The refill broke off at 15 different lengths to fit the most popular pens of that era, making it infinitely easier for dealers to stock pens.

Fisher Titanium Bullet Space Pen

Fisher Titanium Bullet Space Pen

After a large controversy concerning NASA’s decision to use a mechanical pencil that cost $128.84 on the Gemini 3 Mission in 1965, Fisher independently engineered a nitrogen pressurized ink cartridge that could write in zero gravity and would cost as little as $4! Patented in 1965 as the AG7, the Anti-Gravity Pen would make its first appearance in space on the Apollo 7 mission of 1968. Later it made a few appearances in pop-culture. Ronald Reagan used the pen to inaugurate Air and Space Bicentennial Year in 1983 and the premise of a 1998 Seinfeld episode was based on the pen as a gift of friendship.


While Fisher has a deep and rather entertaining history, don’t be fooled into thinking their products are mere novelty items. The quality and functionality of their design has won the hearts of many around the world. Backed by an unconditional lifetime guarantee, Fisher Pens are built from durable materials (chrome, titanium, and other metals) and their thixotropic refill is known to write for more than three times longer than a regular ballpoint refill.

Fisher Original Astronaut Space Pen

Fisher Original Astronaut Space Pen

Featuring a Tungsten Carbide ballpoint fitted perfectly to a stainless steel socket, and a hermetically-sealed cartridge, the pens guarantee consistent ink flow with absolutely no leaking. The nitrogen pressurized cartridges make writing possible in the most extreme conditions, guaranteeing performance in temperatures from -30 to +250 degrees Fahrenheit, underwater, in zero gravity, at elevations up to 12,500 feet, and at any angle!

The versatility of these pens makes a perfect fit for military, contractors, mountaineers, maintenance workers, and those who want to be ready to write under any circumstance. (Try writing with a Fisher pen on a Rite in the Rain Notebook and who knows, you could be working from the hot tub next winter!)

Impression & Innovation

Fisher is a great example of a company that was truly built from the ground up. Their focus on durability and accuracy in every detail has led to great products that were interesting for space exploration, but pivotal for the pen industry as a whole. Whether you are a pen aficionado, a professional in need, or just looking for a way to impress your coworkers, try out a Fisher pen and experience the innovation that earned them the distinction as one of the most coveted pens in the world.