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New Paperblanks Journals : Virginia Woolf, Mahatma Gandhi, and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

10 Oct

paperblanks-new-european-paper-blogThese new arrivals from Paperblanks are sure to get your creative mojo going. Enjoy the beautiful old world style, sewn binding, embellished manuscript cover, elegant magnetic wrap closure, and fountain pen loving paper with the musings of Virginia Woolf, Mahatma Gandhi, and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Pssst – these stunning wrap journals make beautiful gifts for writers, artists, geniuses, and scholars. Shop all Paperblanks Embellished Wrap Journals »

It’s Book Club Month! How to Find, Join, or Create Your Own…

9 Oct


It’s October, finally.  The swarm of back to school has abated—and perhaps made us a little nostalgic for long ago days of reading lists—and schedules are beginning to settle back into patterns. The weather is turning cooler, and rain pelts the window. In all, it’s the perfect time to curl up with a cup of tea (or something stronger) and a favorite book.  It’s also National Reading Group Month and, we gotta say, sharing the joys of a great book with dear friends is almost enough to forgive the end of Daylight Savings Time.

Are you in a book club already?  If not, why?  Granted, sometimes book clubs get pegged as wine-sloshing gossip groups—we’ve gone to some like that, and they’re great fun—but they don’t have to be.  Book clubs come in every style, from alumni reading groups led by professors, to re-reading children and young adult fiction from an adult perspective, from avant-garde sci fi to military history or memoirs.  Just like there’s a book or genre for anyone, there’s also a book club.

Getting in to one—now, there’s the rub.  If you’re looking for low initial commitment, we recommend checking out your local independent bookstore or public library.  They often host public book clubs, providing the books in bulk (library) or even at a discount (bookstore).  There’s seldom a need to RSVP or register; just slip into a chair to learn about and discuss Wilkie Collins’ The Moonstone or Barbara Kingsolver’s latest.   (See our list of some favorite indie bookstores and their reading groups below).tumblr_m9aj35gJcB1qavvdfo1_1280

Other places to try would be that clearinghouse of social groups,, or asking around at your office, gym, place of worship or favorite coffee shop. Someone has probably had this great collective reading impulse already, and it’s fairly simple to join a book club that’s already up and functioning; however, you’ll probably have to RSVP, perhaps provide snacks or take a turn leading, and it’s sometimes more difficult to make schedules align.

And if you’ve struck out at the coffee shop and the library? We suggest starting your own book club.  It takes a little organization, but there’s also a lot more liberty in terms of location, reading specific genres, and so forth. Before you get started, take a few minutes and ponder what you want from your book club: do you want inciting commentary and scholarly contextualization or a reason to catch up over delicious desserts (or something in between)?  To read the classics you only Cliff-noted in college or the fluffy summer fiction you missed?  Do you want to read the collected works of one author? To reunite with old friends or get to know the neighbors better? Where will you meet, will you take turns leading and hosting with other members, and how large do you want the group to be (for meeting in a home or quiet cafe, 6-12 tends to be an ideal size)? Decide if you want refreshments and if they’ll be themed, homemade delectables, or simple cheese and crackers.

When you have a decent idea of what you want in terms of tone and theme, start floating it around your own social group and see who’s interested.  Ask everyone to bring 2-3 book suggestions to a first, organizational meeting.  Set some ground rules about how often (usually once a month) you’ll meet, where, and for how long. Discuss hosting and leading responsibilities as well. Ironing out a schedule can easily be the most difficult part of this process.  Finally, discuss book suggestions and see if a clear favorite emerges for the next text.  If not, take a vote, take turns or even toss them in a hat and draw the first few months’ of readings.

Next thing you know, you’ll be deep into plot points, authorial perspectives and crudités. You’ll be getting to know your books—and friends—more deeply, and what can better than that on a chilly autumnal evening?

To get off to the right start, you can shop book club tools that will keep you inspired, in-sync with your club, and organized. Try scheduling your chapters by due date in a new 2014 datebook. We’d recommend the planner+notes format - dates on the left, your thoughts of the book on the right. If you’d like to keep notes in an exclusive journal, you’ll love Paperblanks journals, with embellished manuscript covers from great authors like F. Scott Fitzgerald and other muses. If you’re into more of a polished/professional notebook, we’d recommend the Rhodia Webnotebook, Moleskine Classics, or the Blackwing Luxury Notebook. Of course, to write all your notes, you’ll love the Blackwing pencils, the preferred world-famous pencil of writers for it’s all around grace, smooth lead, and replaceable erasers. When you’re all wrapped up with your book, check out the unique format of the Moleskine Book Journal, an organized way to record your thoughts for an overall book review, with step by step prompts to draw the most out of your experience. To wrap it all up, carry your book club tool kit to your hip book club meetings in this uber-cool Moleskine Messenger Bag. With the right products, every page turn will bring your well-read adventures in your book club to life!

Here are some of our favorite indie bookstores (you can tell we spend more time in the West: what are your favorite East Coast and Southern bookshops?) and the reading groups they support:

Pasadena, CA: Vroman’s Bookstore

San Francisco, CA: Books, Inc.

Boulder, CO:  Boulder Bookstore

Denver, CO: Tattered Cover

Washington, DC: Politics & Prose

Seattle, WA: Elliot Bay Books


Tell us: what is your book club currently reading?

The Medium Size Blackwing Folio, Just In!

4 Sep


Graduating to the corner office? Preparing for the big pitch? Celebrate with a Palomino Blackwing Luxury Folio Cover and Notebook. This embossed leather-like folio shouts success, in a very understated and classy way. Enthralled, we’ve carried the Large Luxury Folio Cover (7.5 x 10) for a while and now we’re excited to introduce its little brother, the Medium Luxury Folio Cover at 5 x 8.25 inches. You know Palomino Blackwing for their long tradition of exceptional pencils, including the original 602: expand your brand awareness here, and join the elite with these elegant folios, perfectly adapted for the boardroom. Shop the Blackwing Luxury Folio Cover and Notebook »

Top 5 Notebooks of the World – via Lifehacker

19 Aug

We just fell upon a rather fitting article on the top 5 notebooks (of the world?!) from We thought it was quite serendipitous that 5 out of 5 of their coveted notebooks are best sellers of ours. Here are a few gems from the article we’d like to highlight :


Shop Field Notes »



Shop Leuchtturm 1917 »European-Paper-Company-Rhodia-Notepads

Shop Rhodia Notepads »


Shop Moleskine Journals »European-Paper-Company-Whitelines-Link-Notebooks

Shop Whitelines Notebooks »


Whitelines Link Notebooks : Sync Your Handwritten Notes & Your Digital World

14 Aug


A little story about an inventive, Swedish-based company who’s dedication to their customers consistently delivers the latest and greatest in high-quality notebooks to support your lifestyle.

The world is changing all around us, and technology has injected itself into just about every facet of our lives. There really is no denying it; just take a moment to look around you right now. People are interacting more and more not only with one another through technology but with technology itself.

Some people think, “What is this world coming to?” with conversations going from in-depth, face-to-face dialogue to an abbreviated texts that takes a mere 20 seconds to compose. There’s an App for just about everything, from the ever popular Candy Crush (which has users’ fingers tied up for hours throughout the day) to Apps that allow users to open and close their garage door from virtually anywhere at the touch of a button on their smart phone. Smart Phone in hand and just about anything is possible.

With all of the latest development in technology and all the convenience it has to offer it got the creative folks at Whitelines thinking. As our lives become more and more entwined and dependent on the convenience of technology why not incorporate this useful feature into all that we do with our notebooks. Whitelines Link does just that.

Whitelines Link takes the accessibility and speed of modern technology and combines it with the classic medium of pen and paper. The latest and greatest product from the innovative company was released early this year and quickly became some of the best-selling notebooks from the company of all time.

whitelines-link-screen-apple-iphoneWhy all the hype with the line? Can’t a picture on your phone simply do the same thing? The cool thing about Whitelines Link is that the App (available for free in the App Store) will recognize, capture and enhance your writing, dropping out the background and keeping only what you have created on the page. Simply open the App on your phone, hover the phone over a Link notebook page, and the App will automatically capture the image- no centering, focusing or click of a virtual button necessary. Once the notes are digitalized, your options are essentially endless.

You can choose to simply store your treasured works in a cloud, which not only backs up all of your important documents should you misplace your favorite notebook at the most inopportune time, but also condenses the volumes of writings you have into a virtual filing cabinet you can have with you at all times with the touch of the button. Have a great idea and just happen to bump into a colleague or potential client without your notebook? Simply pull up your document, explain the concept and attach it to an email to follow up. Horrible at organizing your notes? File them all away and utilize Evernote to allow you to search your database of notesby specific key words and subjects.

Not only does Whitelines Link enable you to have all of your notebooks at the touch of a button, but it also allows for easy sharing. You can push notes to your Dropbox or Evernote account or simply attach the creation to an email and send away. Think of the possibilities this new technology provides. Still a fan of the personal touch of a handwritten letter? Write it out and Link it to your family and friends. Want to digitalize your sketches to share? Classmate miss a 4-pager note day? Whitelines Link makes it easy, fast and convenient to share and connect with others.whitelines-link-details-European-Paper

I’m going to be the first to admit it; I’m an avid list taker. There is something so comforting about creating lists and having the ability to check them off. I’ve tried Apps that were created for you to generate and organize lists so that you have them with you at all times, but there is absolutely nothing that will provide me with the same gratification as a pen and piece of paper. Once something is physically written down on a piece of paper, you can do it and cross it off or it just sits there; you can not delete it with the backspace key. And don’t get me started with the satisfaction of that pen sliding across the page creating a clean, long line through your handwriting. With Whitelines Link I can designate a page for each list that I have and always have the most up-to-date list stored. So if I just “happen” to stumble into a Sephora, I’ve got a list of the products I’m currently lusting after at the touch of a button. When the BF mentions some item he’s thinking about buying that I’ve never heard of before, I can jot it down, Link it, and stash the notebook away somewhere safe. When his birthday rolls around, take a guess at who receives The-Best-Girlfriend-of-The-Year award. And from time to time, I’ll pull out my Link, draw a goofy picture (though, let’s be serious, I have not one artistic bone in this body when it comes to drawing) and scribble something clever down to send to a friend to brighten their day.

I’m a child of the 80s (by 10 days) so I am ALL for technology. I love the ability to shoot the rental units a quick text letting them know I did in fact make it to my destination without a bear mauling my vehicle on the way. I enjoy and (embarrassingly) have come to expect speedy and convenient connectivity with those around me. But there are things that simply cannot be conveyed through a 140 character tweet or the confines of typed out emails. Apart from almost completely taking the personal aspect out communication, there are things that simply cannot be put into characters.

Whitelines Link is the new notebook of now. Break free from the confines of Times New Roman. Stay prepared and keep your writings safe and accessible. Embrace technology, but also embrace your creativity.

“Putting pen to paper lights more fire than matches ever will.”  – Malcolm Forbes

Whitelines LINK App »

Meet the Writer:
An avid list-maker and moderate risk taker, Kaylee Bergstrom handles all of the logistics for Whitelines North America and, having never heard of Whitelines prior to her current position, has become hooked on the unique design of the notebooks. Rarely spotted without a good tube of mascara, an A5 or pocket notebook and her Jack Russell / Shih Tzu puppy Russell, Kaylee enjoys spending her free time with friends and family, getting hooked on a good book series or catching a mind-bending thriller.

Something Very Scottish About Alwych All-Weather Notebooks

31 Jul

“I never travel without my notebook – I always, always take my little black Alwych notebook. And pens. And a map of wherever I’m going. And a torch.” – Michael Palin, travel writer and Monty Python comedian

While fascinating in their own right, Alwych Notebooks are but one chapter in a long and intriguing history of Scottish printers and stationers. On the off chance that you get as excited about history as we do, here’s the background. The company—then Nisbet MacNiven—began in 1770 and moved eight miles into downtown Edinburgh, Scotland in 1788 to expand its wholesale stationery. Almost 60 years later, a pair of Cameron brothers joined the business, changing the name to MacNiven and Cameron in 1845. By 1850, another, younger, Cameron brother invented the Waverley fountain pen nib—named for Sir Walter Scott’s popular novels—with a narrow waist and upturned point. This upturned point, which functioned almost as a ball point, was intended to improve writing smoothness and be less appealing to schoolboys who enjoyed re-purposing sharp-nibbed pens as darts. Whether it was effective at decreasing schoolhouse antics or not, the production of Waverley pens was outsourced until 1900, when MacNiven and Cameron bought their own manufacturing facility in Birmingham, England and set about making fountain pens.

Unfortunately, production of the popular nib and other pens began to falter and by the 1920s, the company began shifting back into paper stationery.  The classic Alwych Notebook likely appeared by the early 1930s, contemporaneous with the then-produced Greenback ledgers and Denbigh cash books. While production has changed hands a few more times, and the Birmingham factory closed in 1964, the Alwych All-Weather Notebook has remained the same for over 80 years, even down to the styling.

There’s something very Scottish about this notebook. It’s something about the practical, utilitarian quality, made to last despite the unexpected (or quite expected!) thundershower or soft but drenching smirr. Unfortunately for fountain pen lovers, it’s manufactured for slightly less wet inks. But somehow, that too meshes with this notebook’s persona. It’s meant to be carried along on birding expeditions, archaeological digs, backpacking in rural Romania and South Africa, and to jot down notes while surveying, fishing, gardening, or building high rises in the rain. While it perfectly accompanies a morning cuppa, it loves to be out and about. And what do you know, so do we!

Shop Alwych Notebooks »

Word. The Task Masters

24 Jul

You know the feeling: you suddenly look up and it’s July. August is around the corner and back to school is looming. Your to-do lists start lengthening with last-ditch summer fun and all the projects you really meant to have done by now; even worse, those to-do lists get stuffed into pockets, scribbled-across, updated sideways, and then you’re stuck at 4 p.m. on a Thursday, remembering only that you’re forgetting something. Something important. In other words, you’re ready to try another organizational system.

But nothing too clunky or convoluted.

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there, which is why European Paper Company is so very pleased to introduce Word. Notebooks to our collection of journals. Designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, Word. Notebooks set out to standardize an organizational system that streamlines your lists and scribbles and helps you to get things done.

The system itself is simple and embedded in the left hand margin of these pocket notebooks. A pair of unobtrusive concentric circles—a bulls-eye—marks each line. When you add a new task to your list, fill in the internal bullet point. If the task is important (are there other kinds?), trace a circle around the outer edge. When you begin the task, add a slash to denote the progress, and when you finish, simply ‘X’ that line, and you’re ready to begin the next item on your list. Nothing clunky, and nothing convoluted about it. The ¼” ruling is aptly suited for lists, but the ruling and the system are both a pale gray Hostmann-Steinberg ink which allows you to use or disregard these guides as you would like.

At 60#, the Lynx Opaque Ultra smooth white paper stock in Word. Notebooks is relatively hefty for a pocket notebook. This paper is smooth, relatively stiff for a pocket notebook, and has a light, appealing tooth to it. It’s great with pencils (graphite loves this paper!) as well as gels and ballpoint pens.

The duo-stapled covers are 120# Environment Desert Storm smooth paper which is 100% post-consumer recycled and, like the interior, acid-free and pH-neutral. These little Word. Notebooks were designed by California-based art director Evan Walker and made entirely in the U.S.A.

If you’re ready to give organization another go, we highly suggest these Word. Notebooks. Simple and simply effective, these slip so easily into your satchel or day bag that they’re immediately available whenever a new to-do arises.

SHOP Word. Notebooks here »

Made in the USA : Our Favorite American Stationery, Journals, & More

1 Jul

FIELD NOTES | Chicago, Illinois
Enjoy America the beautiful under her spacious skies! Get outside and take your Field Notes with you to record your findings.
Shop Field Notes »

BROOKFIELD   |  New England
The beauty and the subtlety of the hand mixed
colors, the fine vellum finish of each card, and the supreme attention to detail with each hand printed design make these an American classic.
Shop Brookfield »

all-weather paper
COAST to rainy COAST
RITE IN THE RAIN  | Tacoma, Washington
Designed to address the needs of logging industry workers in the Pacific Northwest, the new paper technology soon became popular for outdoor professionals and enthusiasts around the United States.
Shop Rite in the Rain »

Antietam Red, Baystate blue, & many more…
NOODLER’S INK  |  Fayetteville, Georgia
One hundred percent made in the US, Noodler’s inks are very saturated, giving you a rich,
clean line as you write, and as an added bonus, there is less feathering and bleedthrough.
Shop Noodler’s Ink »

best selling
QUO VADIS  |  Hamburg, New York
With the aim to keep you organized, all Quo Vadis Planners have acid-free and pH neutral paper, plus tear-off corners to open directly to the week in progress.
Shop Quo Vadis Academic Planners »

LAMY PENS  |  Wilton, Conneticut
Environmentally friendly, Fisher Pens were designed for space and are guaranteed to perform in temperatures from -30 to +250 degrees F, underwater, in zero gravity, in elevations up to 12,500 feet, and at any angle.
Shop Fisher Pens »

STILLMAN & BIRN  | Fairfield, New Jersey
Offering both hardbound and spiralbound sketchbooks with archival-grade paper, Stillman & Birn sketchbooks are your platform for expression in either dry or wet media.
Shop Stillman & Birn »

Mudlark Papers | Bolingbrook, Illinois
Mudlark stationery is made with recycled materials and soy inks. The fun, happy designs of the boxed stationery are beautiful and inspiring, and great for everything! Thank yous, hellos, wish you were here, the list goes on. Enjoy the cards and then keep mementos in the beautiful box when they’re all gone.
Shop Mudlark Stationery »

Bike to Work Day 2013 : Which Journal Suits Your Bike?

23 Jun

Have you registered to Bike to Work on Wednesday? It’s a nationwide phenomenon! We’re hopping on our two wheels, which (oddly enough) correspond perfectly with our favorite notebooks. We’re so head over heels for Mission Bicycle Company in San Francisco that it would only be proper to set them up with the best journals and notebooks from around the world. Here are pairs we’re digging :

1. Rhodia » and the Bright White Bike »
2. Fabriano » and the Safety Orange Bike »
3. Leuchtturm » and the Celeste Bike »
4. Exacompta » and the Sky Blue Bike »
5. Moleskine » and the Chrome Bike »
6. Paperblanks » and the Brown Bike »

Customer & Staff Faves

19 Jun

Ever wonder what it’s like behind the scenes at European Paper? If you zoomed through our office and caught a quick glimpse of our work spaces, you’d find several of the above in each deskscape. We’re paper geeks for sure, but the best part is that our customers love the same products we do! These 8 brands are our most-loved top sellers. Try them and you’ll see why we get so excited to open a fresh notebook, sharpen a Blackwing, or post a new pen…

1. Blackwing Pencils »
2. Rhodia Notepads »
3. Rite in the Rain »
4. LAMY Pens »
5. Clipiola Italian Paper Clips »
6. Fisher Space Pens »
7. Leuchtturm Journals »
8. Evernote Smart Notebook » – And anything else from Moleskine »

GTD : 10 Reasons You Should Have A Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook

12 Jun

Moleskine fans, it’s time to celebrate – Evernote Smart Notebooks by Moleskine just arrived! We’re pretty psyched to carry the notebook revolution that connects your analog and digital worlds via your mobile device. The ultimate Getting Things Done application, Evernote 5 was recently selected as a 2013 Apple Design Award Winner, an honor of state of the art innovation. Here’s our staff’s top 10 reasons you should grab an Evernote Smart Notebook »

1. Take notes, write a novel, sketch your dreams – snap a photo – & launch them into space

Space being the internet- but nonetheless, it’s a breeze to upload your creations. You can keep all of your handmade creations from your Smart Notebook in your online Evernote account. Bin them, enhance them by combining other online resources, share with your network, and organize to a T. Sit back and watch your desktop and internet worlds collide.

2. It’s now available for iOS & Android phones with a 3 month subscription to Evernote Premium

Upon it’s first launch, Evernote’s Page Camera App was only available for iPhones and iPads, but now it has embraced the Android universe as well. Your Smart Notebook also comes with a 3 month trial of Evernote Premium with added features of the free version, like larger storage space, lock access, PDF and document search, note history, and much more.

3. Organize your thoughts

Smart Stickers are included with your notebook. They instantly tag your pages for your customized digital library. No matter how disorganized your Evernote Smart Notebook gets, you can always find peaceful organization in your online Evernote filing system.

4. Remember your faves from your everyday explorations

Next to connecting with your notebook, it also connects to your wild & interesting life! Browsing the book store or wine aisles and finding too many amazing options? Stumble upon treasures while traveling? Simply snap a shot and save them for the future. You can document the location, price, style, and anything else you’d like to record about your discoveries so you can find them in a jiffy!

5. Sync across all your digital devices

If you’re like us, you love fabulous paper. But next to your arsenal of desktop stationery, amazing pencils, and pens, you’ve also got a smart phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop, right? Not to worry, you can log in to your Evernote cloud from any device, any where, any time. It’s perfect for techies and busy schedules. Who has time for tech-syncing overload?

6. Jet-setters will love the trip planning features

Everything you need for your trip can go under the plans for your next vacation. From notes in your Evernote Smart Notebook of your dream itinerary, to online boarding passes, sketches of architectural marvels, reviews of exotic restaurants, maps, and more!

7. Collaborate with friends & colleagues

Wonderful for working long distance, in team environments, and on class projects. Share, comment, and note edits with the feedback from your colleagues. The “Evernote Lined” or “Evernote Squared” pages seamlessly transfer clear images of your notes and sketches to your team.

8. Bookmark your favorite web pages

Looking around on your smart phone and finding everything you’d like to have for your office? Save our (or any other website’s) pages to keep quick links to your favorite products.

9. Your dog won’t eat it*

While we’re not absolutely sure of every dog’s particular tastes, we like to prepare for the predicament of bad things happening to a good notebook. Give Fido a break and simply log on to your online Evernote account, everything you’ve recorded is safe and sound in your digital world. *The artistic blind debossed cover has such great inspiring energy and the eco paper inside has such great karma – we’re guessing your clairvoyant pup wouldn’t want to get their chew on.

10. Research like a pro

Collect everything you need for one topic – handwritten notes, plans, online articles, references, links and more into one file. Great for taking notes in classes or business meetings and combining your handwritten recollection in your Smart Notebook with an online extension for deadlines or important task dates, further online research, or highlighting specific items of interest.

Paperblanks Journals : The Great Gatsby Manuscript by F. Scott Fitzgerald

6 Jun

With a new brilliant film release of The Great Gatsby, we wanted to send a little nod to the literary genius of the 1920′s F. Scott Fitzgerald and his glowing journal from Paperblanks. Did you know that Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby after moving to France? With every eloquent quote and plush imagery on Gatsby’s pages,  we can imagine him floating in a daydream around the mysterious city – eyes wide open, imagination running wild.


This journal’s strong cover is gold embossed with the handwritten manuscript of The Great Gatsby, and bound by a magnetic wrapped panel with Fitzgerald’s signature. Next to all the beauty, it’s well-built with smooth vellum laid paper inside. It’s one journal that is so special it makes a memorable gift for graduates and Fitzgerald fans alike. Shop the Paperblanks Embellished Manuscript Journal »
If you’re feelin’ jazzy, go the extra mile and tuck a pair of movie tickets in the back pocket. Here’s a trailer to spark your interest :