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Last Holiday Hurrah of Savings!

17 Dec

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Free Star Wars Pocket Notebook with Orders $100+

11 Dec

european-paper-star-wars-blogEnjoy a free pocket ruled Star Wars Moleskine notebook ($14.95 value), automatically added on orders $100+. Plus, you can also enjoy free shipping on orders, $50+! Shop great gifts for paper lovers, and enjoy! 
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Gift of the Week : Palomino Wood Box Color Pencil Sets (12 & 24 ct.)

9 Dec


Save 10% on one of the favorite gifts of the season. Enclosed in a gorgeous keepsake box, these color pencils are bright, vivid tools made of the finest artist quality wax. Enjoy saving 10% when you use the code COLOR10 at checkout. Shop them right here »

Shop Gifts for the Designer, Architect, & Artist

7 Dec



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Gifts to Give : Ideas from The Well Appointed Desk’s Ana Reinert

28 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Here are some vetted gift ideas from our fave, Ana Reinert of The Well-Appointed Desk. Enjoy!

Paper goods are great gifts. The key to making a great gift is picking just the right angle. What else does your paper lover like? Movies? Cooking? Gardening? Travel? It seems every paper lover in my life also has other hobbies or interests.


My co-worker is a foodie so I think I’ll get her a Rite in the Rain notebook with a box of Palomino Blackwing 602s and a sharpener so she record her recipes in the potentially wet, messy environment that is a working kitchen. The Cavallini Garden Calendar would look great in her kitchen too.


the-well-appointed-desks-gifts-to-give-ana-reinert-european-paper_05For my (geek of a) husband, I think a new Star Wars A5 Moelskine and an Eames Acme pen would make a perfect gift. And they’re cheaper than the new guitar.


the-well-appointed-desks-gifts-to-give-ana-reinert-european-paper_03For the bike geek in my life,  the engraved Jan Petr Obr Bicycle note cards are cool enough for any guy, bike Fred or not. To keep with the bicycling theme, the Upcycle Tire brush bag would pair well with the cards.


the-well-appointed-desks-gifts-to-give-ana-reinert-european-paper_04My “other mother” is an inspiring artist, I think she’d love the Fabriano Classic Blue Journal and thePalomino wood box 12-color set of colored pencils.


For my friend who’ll be travelling over the holidays, the Mudlark Artifact Luggage Tag for her suitcase, theEvernote A5 Moleskine and a Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House Acme Pen to document her travels.


I hope they won’t be too disappointed that I spoiled their holiday surprises here! Hopefully, it gave you some ideas.

*Meet the Writer : * When Ana Reinert is not designing greeting cards for
the world’s largest greeting card company she fancies herself an office
supply ninja, yarn hoarder, letter-writing secret agent and coffee junkie. She
also writes superfluously about all thing office-related for The
Well-Appointed Desk.*

Enjoy Black Friday & Cyber Monday Savings All Week!

27 Nov

Enjoy Black Friday & Cyber Monday Savings all week long! Save $5 off $75 use code SAVE5 or $10 off $100 use code SAVE10. Don’t miss out on fabulous paper to give and get – shop now »

Gift of the Week : Cavallini Desk Calendars

25 Nov


Cavallini Calendars are a favorite gift of the holidays. This week, enjoy 10% off all Cavallini Desk Calendars. Use code DESK10. Shop them right here »

How Do You Keep Up the Tempo? Enter, Efficiency Secrets from Hemingway & Fast Co.

21 Nov


fastcompany 1fastcompany2

Written by Drake Baer for Fast Company

To Ernest Hemingway, writers are like wells: “The important thing is to have good water in the well,” he told the Paris Review, “and it is better to take a regular amount out than to pump the well dry and wait for it to refill.”

In this way, Hemingway coined the phrase leaving water in the well: instead of spending all your creative juices all at once, you leave a little bit of inspiration so that you can return to the same momentum that you left it with. Hemingway, whose habits of badass productivity we’ve talked about before, said to never stop writing without knowing how you are going to start again, to, in other words, never end a day’s work without knowing how you are going to start the next day.

But why does this help a workflow work so well?
Read the full article from Fast Company, right here »

Cavallini Calendars are Beautiful Gifts They’ll Enjoy All Year

20 Nov


Cavallini Calendars are one of our staff’s most-loved go-to gifts for the holidays. The unveiling of beautiful vintage prints each month will give them moments of beauty and inspiration that will last all year! We’re thrilled to announce new editions of the Vintage Cats, Vintage Dogs, and Owls easel calendars to accompany Birds and other annual favorites this year. Of course, the best-sellers Japanese Woodblocksand Botanica are stunning as always. Which one is your fave? Click here to shop Cavallini Wall Calendars »  Or click here to shop Cavallini Desk Calendars»

How To Write: Holiday Newsletter

18 Nov

Oh, the holiday newsletter! We love it, we hate it, it’s like Facebook on steroids. An entire year boiled down to a few paragraphs and studded with superlatives.  And clichés.  And throw-away sentences that simply confirm the status quo.  And you know that you’re better than that. That this year—this year—you’ll take the time to sit down amidst the increasing holiday madness and craft a thoughtful, meaningful letter that doesn’t make friends and acquaintances want to rip out their hair. And believe us, we want you to.

So, here are a few tips we’ve developed over the years for writing a great holiday letter.

1.       One page.  Just one. And no more than a handful of photos, please. We want photos large enough that we can see you and your family and brief paragraphs that we don’t get lost in.

2.       Consider your audience: family and far-flung friends are probably uninterested in the day-to-day elements of your work (they may not even remember what you do).  Professional acquaintances may be bowled over—and not in a good way—by familial anecdotes and intimacies.


Here are a few helpful tips to find a little holiday humor from

3.       Don’t brag. Don’t brag. Don’t brag. It should be simple, but somehow it never is. Just remember: the holiday newsletter is not your family’s resume. We know you’re awfully proud of that new boat, setting a personal record at the marathon, and the kids’ accomplishments, but a little humor or even self-deprecation can go a long way!

4.       Don’t brag, part II: Tell us a story. Pick 3-5 main events of the year, and find the intriguing element—not necessarily the achievement—of each. Tell us about the monster fish that got away, how you met up with old friends and explored the city after the marathon, or how the four-year-old soccer team looks like nothing more than a scramble of puppies piling on top of the ball.

5.       Don’t brag, part III: Keep it vague. No one really wants to know that stellar SAT score; just tell us that Jacob Jr. has been accepted at Berkeley or Michigan State and let it go. In the same vein: mention the promotion but avoid particulars about the raise.

6.       Keep it light. Yes, we know that bad things happen and we want to sympathize and support you. But an entire newsletter devoted to sad, bad news is a little too Debbie Downer for the cheery holiday season. Likewise, avoid particulars that might upset the faint of heart: let us know that the surgery went well, definitely, but leave out the specifics of a difficult rehab.

7.       Edit and proofread. Yeah, we know. It’s cliché advice, but oh-so-important. Our personal go-to for this is reading the letter aloud (or, better yet, having a friend or family member read it aloud). Awkward sentences and difficult punch-lines will instantly stand out, as will too-formal phrasing. You should still sound like you, after all. Also, don’t let AutoCorrect make its own inadvertent punch-lines: read it again after spell check!

Finally, handwrite the salutation and a brief, personal message at the bottom: wish the recipients luck on upcoming travels with a teething child, ask after the new house or hobby, check in on how the thesis is going and the broken leg is mending. Remind them of how your relationship matters enough to exchange these holiday missives, and wish them the very best of holiday seasons.

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Gift of the Week : Moleskine Messenger Bag – Save 30%!

17 Nov



Happy gift of the week – we’re celebrating with the Moleskine Messenger Bag. Enjoy the luxury of an enormous, well-built bag to hold papers, notebooks, pens/pencils and more (including a unique wrap for blue prints and oversized designs). This bag is perfect for the bike commuter, the architect, teachers, and other professionals who need to carry several materials to and fro.

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2014 Daily Datebooks from Moleskine, Leuchtturm1917, Quo Vadis & Exacompta

14 Nov


It’s a perfect time to get a head start on the new year, and choose from the best selection while you’re at it!
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