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GIVEAWAY: Let Your Creativity Flow with Stillman & Birn Art Journals! [Closed]

5 Jun

We’ve got three fabulous Stillman & Birn art journals to give away to our loyal followers! (Please read through all the contest details at the bottom of this post before entering!)

Each sketchbook is 6 by 8 inches with pH neutral paper. They vary in their paper weight and purpose, but each has internal and surface sizing that provides exceptional wet strength, and is compatible with precision erasing techniques. Best of all, the heavy-duty binder boards are incredibly tough and will protect your sketches, paintings, and more while resisting warpage. If you’re looking for the best in sketchbooks, look no further than Stillman & Birn!

And the three art journals to give away are …

Stillman & Birn Alpha Side Spiralbound Sketchbook
  • Media: Dry & Light Washes
  • Vellum Finish
  • Natural White
  • 150 gsm (100 lb) Paper
Stillman & Birn Alpha Side Spiralbound Sketchbook (6 x 8) on

Stillman & Birn Alpha Side Spiralbound Sketchbook on

Stillman & Birn Beta Side Spiralbound Sketchbook
  • Ideal for Multi-media Renderings
  • Rough Paper Surface
  • Natural White
  • 270 gsm (180 lb) Paper
Stillman & Birn Beta Side Spiralbound Sketchbook (6 x 8) on

Stillman & Birn Beta Side Spiralbound Sketchbook on

Stillman & Birn Epsilon Side Spiralbound Sketchbook
  • Best for Pen & Ink Drawings
  • Plate Finish
  • Natural White
  • 150 gsm (100 lb) Paper
Stillman & Birn Epsilon Side Spiralbound Sketchbook (6 x 8) on

Stillman & Birn Epsilon Side Spiralbound Sketchbook on


Contest Details:

  • This giveaway is only open to U.S. residents.
  • Entry deadline is Friday, June 8, 2012 at noon MST.
  • Three random winners will be selected and announced on Monday, June 11, 2012 at noon MST.
  • You have three chances to enter (see details below).

How to Enter:

  • Comment on this blog post and tell us which sketchbook you prefer and what you would do with it!
  • Tweet the following: @StillmanandBirn art journal #giveaway on @EuroPaper’s blog!
  • Snap a pic of some of your artwork (finished or in process) on Instagram and tag it with the following when you upload it: @StillmanandBirn art journal #giveaway on @EuroPaper’s blog!

Our #EarthDay Sketch Contest Ends Tonight!

18 Apr

Our Earth Day Sketch Contest ends tonight! If you haven’t entered yet, check out the details below, and get your sketch in before midnight!

Enter our Earth Day Sketch Contest with one sketch / drawing of your choice that you feel embodies Earth Day. It can be literal or abstract, colorful or black & white. We want to see them all!

Scan your sketch or take a photo of it, and email it in a jpeg format to by April 18, 2012.

Please include your name, valid email address, and any commentary on your sketch you want to include.

The winner will be announced April 21 and will receive the following:

  • Cretacolor Black Box 20pc Drawing Charcoal & Pencil Set
    •  This drawing set includes ten different charcoals. It also includes two Monolith pencils, 6B and 9B, and six Nero pencils, unique drawing tools that combine natural waxes and black chalk to produce a smooth, glossy water-resistant line in rich black. The sleek 7.5×7.5 inch tin also provides an eraser and blender.
  • Stillman & Birn Delta Series Spiralbound Sketchbook (7 x 7 in.)
    • With 180 lb (270 gsm) extra heavy weight ivory paper.

*By submitting your photo, you confirm you own the rights to it, it is of your own work, and you give us permission to use it on our website or in any marketing material for European Paper Company.


Sketching with Stillman & Birn

11 Apr

Shop Stillman & Birn Sketchbooks on

For artists of all ilk, we’ve got you covered with Stillman & Birn’s premium sketchbooks. Capture your work for years to come on Stillman & Birn’s archival-grade sketchbook paper where you can let your creativity flow in a variety of media.

S&B History

Stillman & Birn Alpha Hardbound Sketchbook (5.5 x 8.5)

Stillman & Birn Alpha Hardbound Sketchbook 5.5 x 8.5

Founded in 1958 by Philip Birn, a preeminent Viennese bookbinder who pioneered the concept of the traditional hardbound sketchbook, Stillman & Birn inspires artists with their focus on high quality sketch paper. Upon cracking open a new Stillman & Birn sketchbook, you’ll instantly feel the difference in the weight and tooth of the paper. Acknowledging the importance of sketchbooks in art history, Stillman & Birn support the evolution of the sketchbook with “true art paper” as they call it, meaning it can withstand multiple erasures, it’s suitable for precision work, and has internal and surface sizing to provide durability.

With both hardbound and spiralbound sketchbooks, Stillman & Birn offers you a platform for expression in either dry or wet media with their sketchbooks. Use colored pencils, ballpoint or rollerball pens, fountain pens with wet ink, watercolor, pencil, and much more.

Sketching in the Present

Stillman & Birn Gamma Side Spiralbound Sketchbook (6 x 8)

Stillman & Birn Gamma Side Spiralbound Sketchbook 6 x 8

Re-established in December 2010, the new Stillman & Birn organization is led by Birn’s nephew, Michael Kalman and his partner Oscar Hernandez, both with many years of expertise in sketchbook manufacturing. Kalman and Hernandez have revived S&B’s original mantra of “Paper Matters … Feel the Difference!”

Whether you use your sketchbook to jot down ideas and doodles, or for recording your art pieces, Stillman & Birn puts the choice in your hands so you can pick the ideal sketchbook for your art: white or ivory paper, heavy (150 gsm) or extra heavy (270 gsm) weight paper, and the three options of vellum, rough, or plate paper.

Stillman & Birn’s 5 Premium Sketchbook Series:

  • Alpha Series – 100 lb./150 gsm – White – Vellum Surface
  • Beta Series – 180 lb./270 gsm – White – Multi-media Surface
  • Gamma Series – 100 lb./150 gsm – Ivory – Vellum Surface
  • Delta Series – 180 lb./270 gsm – Ivory – Multi-media Surface
  • Epsilon Series – 100 lb./150 gsm – White – Plate Surface (smooth)

Bound in the USA with heavy-duty binder boards that resist warping, each sketchbook stands out as unique and robust – perfect for artists who care about their paper quality. You can always be confident you’ve got the best, when you’ve got a Stillman & Birn sketchbook.

Friday Blogger Tuck-ins

24 Feb

1 –>  A bit of neat history this week from Annie at Scribbling Glue about zip codes: The Life and Times of Mr. Zip (a.k.a. Zone Improvement Plan).

2 –> Over at the Good Pens blog, Seth interviews the pen guys from Baltz Fine Writing.

3 –> Misty, a.k.a. The Pen Thief, made some great points regarding whether or not the Post Office should cut Saturday’s service. It is a must-read for all snail mailers, mail artists, and writers alike.

4 –> This is Colossal shared the Alphabet Typography (pictured below) created by Yale graduates Caspar Lam and YuJune Park. “Alphabet Topography is a physical examination of letterforms as it relates to usage frequency.”

See more of the project by clicking the image.

5 –> Laurie at Plannerisms gives some tips on how to create your own planner layout within a regular notebook.

6 –> FPGeeks went above and beyond at the 2012 LA Pen Show and photographed some lovely pens, plus they’ve got a couple of videos of the show you should check out too. Here is their Friday Recap, Saturday Recap, and Video Highlights.

7 –>  We thought you’d get a kick out of Mary Katrantzou‘s latest fashion show for Fall 2012 where she uses images of pencils, typewriters, circular telephone dials, and more. (Originally seen on Honestly WTF blog.)

Click the image to see more images on Honestly WTF's blog.

8 –> Blackwing wrote up a phenomenal post tracking the history of their Blackwing 602 pencil (h/t MLeddy at Orange Crate Art).


Friday Blogger Tuck-ins

3 Feb

1 –>  Our Moleskine Haiku Contest ended yesterday and it’s been a BLAST going through the 100+ submissions! Thanks to everyone who participated! We are psyched to announce the winner Tuesday, February 7th and to share all the haiku love!

2 –> Troy [Penpalling-Dad] received a neat “Peek-a-boo” letter recently from Becky [Leaving a Paper Trail] – and while the envelope is interesting (and Becky shows you how to make it here), it’s even better to see bloggers connecting this way so we can sometimes see the path a letter takes!

3 –> The Celebrations at Home blog muses about the 12 paper trends they think we’ll see in 2012.

4 –> Demilked shared this beautiful Cut-Away Leaf Art by Lorenzo Duran. (It was made for an ad campaign by Legas Delaney for Plant for the Planet. The aim of the campaign was to show leaf’s ability to absorb CO2.)

Art by Lorenzo Duran. Click the image to see more of his work on Demilked.

5 –> The Telegraph (UK) introduced a series of art masterpieces created solely with marker pen on a whiteboard. See the artist, Bill Taylor of Durham, North Carolina, and his art in their slideshow here.

6 –> Read all about the rebirth of handwriting in J. Richard Gentry’s report in Psychology Today aptly titled “Handwriting—the Most Elegant Form of Communication.” Here’s just a taste: “E-mailers, text messengers, and skeptics be damned. Handwriting–American style–is born again. So say about one hundred and fifty teachers, administrators, psychologists, master penmen, and researchers from across the country who occupied the Newseum in Washington, DC for the 275th anniversary of John Hancock’s birth.”

7 –>  Rhodia Drive set up a Superbowl bet for this Sunday. “Anybody who guesses the final score will get a new Webnotepad (flip top reporter style with dot grid) when they arrive from France!” (Enter your guess on Rhodia Drive’s blog post here.)

8 –> Demilked also shared an adorable set of pictures by Laurent Laveder called Moon Games (and while it has nothing to do with paper, it’s an incredibly fun set of art).

Created by Laurent Laveder. Click the image to see more of Moon Games on Demilked.

Friday Blogger Tuck-ins

27 Jan

1 –>  Julie [The-Gadgeteer] asks what format you use when starting a new journal – analog or digital – and she provides some great digital options for those not familiar with them

2 –> Reena Jana [on SmartPlanet] published a Q&A with Moleskine America President, Marco Beghin, and delves into the paper world and beyond.

3 –> How many journals/notebooks do you have actively going at once? Nifty [Notebook Stories] sums up Steve’s [Recording Thoughts] blog posts on the topic here.

4 –> Penned House has a great notebook hack post on how he turned a Moleskine into an iPhone case. Check it out here.


 … This is completely random, but it’s cute, has a cat in it, and a ballpoint pen. … We got a little distracted.



5 –>  Here are a couple neat posts on journaling this week. The first is from Journal Addict asking what your journal style is, which was discovered via a quick quiz on Journal Tips. Both great sites to follow for more on journaling.

6 –> David [Because I Really Felt It] posted a really cool Russian Doll Letter Version #2 that has us inspired to play with the idea. You can check out his Version #1 here.

7 –>  We’ve been seeing Sharpie projects pop up everywhere lately. For example: 6 Ways To Create DIY Sharpie Wallpaper on; DIY Sharpie Tote on Sharpie’s Blog; Sharpie Snow Leopard Ottoman by LittlePinkMonster. And of course, you can always do a quick Sharpie search on for some inspiration.

8 –> We’ve also got a couple of contests going on right now – not to be missed! First up is our Moleskine Love Haiku Contest where you could win a Moleskine prize pack, and secondly, our Love Letters & Leuchtturm Planners Contest where you could be 1 of 4 winners to receive a Leuchtturm Weekly Planner!

Friday Blogger Tuck-ins

20 Jan

1 –>  Laurie [Plannerisms] has a few lovely tips on how to use a monthly or weekly planner AND a daily planner at the same time.

2 –> Quo Vadis gives us a friendly reminder on New Year’s Resolutions and asks what yours are.

3 –> Misty [The Pen Thief] shared some great tidbits about Benjamin Franklin on his would-be birthday (which was Tuesday, Jan 17) that we had no clue about! Such as the fact that “he served as our nation’s first postmaster general in 1775!” Read her post for more neat information on Franklin. She also shared a neat post on the release of the Glacier National Park Stamp. If you are at all interested in stamps, you need to follow her blog for all the latest updates.

4 –> Andrea Joseph shared a lovely commissioned drawing of hers for a production of James and the Giant Peach that we are absolutely in love with! We remember that story from so many years ago .. and if you’ve never heard of Andrea before, you must check out her site for more incredible drawings & zines.

5 –> This is Colossal never fails in impressing us with their finds. First check out their post showcasing Molly Rausch‘s Beyond the Border postage stamp paintings; then see their Edible Gelatin Typography post by m-inspira; and last, but certainly not least, check out the beautiful post of Envelope Drawings by Mark Powell (one which is shown below).

Art by Mark Powell. Click the image to see more of his work on his website.

6 –> Troy [Penpalling Dad] wrote a very sincere post about why he penpals. Great inspiration to get started on penpalling, plus links to many penpal bloggers as well.

7 –>  We received a letter from Lucas [Lucas Writes] in response to our National Letter Writing Week shout-out, which was exciting! Thanks Lucas – you’ll get a response soon! Lucas also had a nice recap of his Letter Writing Week here.

8 –> We just had to include Margana [Inkophile] in today’s linky love, just for her headline: What Do Daleks, Goldfish And Rain Have In Common?

9 –> Millie [Ms. Logica] did a round-up of her 2012 Winter Pen Choices, which was curious as we had never considered different pens for different seasons. Do you swap out pens each season? If so, what do you base your decisions on? We’d love to hear about it in the comment section!

Traveling “Outside of Myself” with a Moleskine Journal

15 Nov

Amy Rudberg sketchbook pages on

A sampling of pages from Rudberg's art journal.

One day I received an envelope from the Art House Co-op, which owns and manages The Brooklyn Art Library gallery in New York. I had applied to participate in their annual Sketchbook Project, which allows people from all over the world to create their writing and art in “sketchbooks.” Expecting an artist’s book with thick pages, I was surprised to find a small blank Moleskine journal in the envelope.

Since I had never completed a full artist’s book before, I needed inspiration—some creative spark—to get started. Created in the 1990s, Moleskine was based on the iconic black hardcover journals used by famous artists and writers, such as van Gogh, Picasso, and Hemingway, in their travels. Like these artists, I could showcase my work in a journal, but unlike them, my travels would take place in my imagination.

I stared at the journal and thought about how I was going to create my art in about half the size I was used to working with (this Moleskine was 5 x 8.25 inches). I could use any medium as long as the journal maintained the same dimensions when closed. (Some people in the past got around this restriction by creating poster-size pages that worked like fold-out maps.) I was determined to honor the tradition of using the Moleskine as a journal and not as an altered book.

The journal itself—a large plain Cahier—was simply a cardboard cover with stitching down the spine, and 40 blank sheets (80 pages) inside. On the front inside cover was an “Art House Library” pocket, with an inserted card. The card said “Shh… this is a library.” My name, location, a theme that I selected from a list (“Outside of myself”), barcode, and online location for my journal were printed on the inside back cover.

The inside cover of Rudberg's art journal.

I named the journal “Beside Myself” with the subtitle “modern life, nature, and everything else in between.” I wanted to review and provide commentary on what I had learned so far about art and life. I would pretend to be my doppelgänger looking over my shoulder while I worked.

I created a series of drawings and gave them playful names such as: my brain on art; unisex head and Warhol sketch; my favorite soap and emoto phone; one continuous puzzle and protection against the evil eye; heart is where the home is and heart coral; life is a maze and play the game of life; and odd couple Norma Desmond and Bozo the Clown.

In this journal, I included a range of media: prints, etchings, screenprints, and mixed-media art, using ink, colored pencils, paint, digital media, glue, tape, and acrylic medium. I then applied a fixative spray to each page so that the pages would not stick together. The pages remained intact and sturdy no matter what I did with them.

As I worked with my journal, I noticed that it was developing into a living thing – a personification of my creativity and an expression of my inner spirit. It was a sad day when I had to mail back my Moleskine journal, but I knew that it would continue to live on in my heart and in the “cloud.”


Meet the Writer: Amy A. Rudberg is a freelance writer/blogger and artist who lives and works in Chicago. Her interests include papermaking, printmaking, mixed media, and digital art.