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Moleskine Large Watercolor Book (5 x 8.25)


The Moleskine LARGE Watercolor Book is a portable art studio for painting and drawing. Whether you're on a trip or out for a stroll, Moleskine has designed the watercolor notebook for artists who desire the same, simple solution to portable workspace. So take a tip from one of history's most legendary artists, Picasso, and have the freedom to paint wherever your travels take you. When inspiration hits, use any of the 30 sheets made of top-quality cotton fiber, acid-free watercolor paper. A substantial 200-gram, cold-pressed sheet, it's sure to make any memory last - without bleeding through to the others.

Style: 200 gram (gsm), cold-pressed, cotton-fiber, acid-free watercolor paper

  • 72 pages (36 leaves)
  • Hard cover
  • Sewn binding
  • 200 gsm - 25% cotton fibre - cold pressed, identical on both sides
  • Back pocket
  • Elastic closure
  • Item #: mrl719


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Moleskine Large Watercolor Book (5 x 8.25)

The only difference between the Reporter style and a traditional Moleskine is the location of the binding at the top of the book. Thus, the elastic closure, which helps keeps the book closed when not in use, is located at the bottom of the book (about 1 inch from the base). In addition, the expandable accordion inner pocket inside the back cover is oriented vertically.

Moleskine journals are legendary, possessing a minimalism style and quality that literally has centuries of experience. To the initiated, there is no substitute. Used by artists and intellectuals who defined 20th century culture, including such luminaries as Hemingway, Van Gogh, and Matisse. Today Moleskine journals are seen at meetings absorbing notes, at coffee shops steeping ideas, on mountainside trails capturing adventures - in all cases a trusted traveling companion.

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