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Sennelier Half Stick Soft Pastels (Set of 40)

Create a solid foundation for your art with the Sennelier Half Stick Soft Pastels Set of 40. Whether you gift it as an introductory set or use it professionally, the set of 40 half stick soft pastels provide a strong color palette to work with, while offering enough choice to tackle any project. Sennelier's Half Stick Soft Pastels are valued as much for being sturdy as they are economical. The pastel stick's strength enables it to withstand extensive handling and traveling while the low price point enables artists to afford far more colors. Half stick pastels have the exact same pigment and binders composition as the full sticks and will enhance any project you use them for. Packed in a decorative cardboard box, the Sennelier Half Stick Soft Pastel Set of 40 is ideal to give as a gift to friends, family, or yourself!

  • 40 Half Stick Soft Pastels
  • Great for Traveling
  • Same Pigment & Binder as Full Sticks
  • Item #: pse2230


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Sennelier Half Stick Soft Pastels (Set of 40)

Since 1887, Sennelier truly is the benchmark of quality and innovation in the Fine Art World, evidenced by the paintings created with Sennelier oil paints that hang in the world's greatest museums. Renowned for customizing color in France to meet the needs of Degas, Cezanne, and Monet, the company remains equally committed to artists of today. Their expertise is surpassed only by their passion, a dedication that has made the Sennelier name legendary.

Sennelier Half Stick Soft Pastels (Set of 40)


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The breakthrough in color accomplished by Cezanne, Pissarro, Bonnard, and Picasso came from a palette of colors created by Gustave Sennelier. These artist's watercolors are still made using the company's original turn-of-the-century techniques. Sennelier uses only the purest pigments which are cold ground on porcelain grindstones - this avoids heating the pigments which can alter the color's shade.

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