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Midori B7 Bee Side Spiralbound Envelope Notebook (5 x 3.5)

Collect and show off your favorite things in the pocket-sized Midori B7 Honey Bee Side Spiralbound Envelope Notebook (5 x 3.5). Each of the 12 sheets is actually an envelope with a front window so you can keep photographs, your stamp collection, or other miscellaneous items all in one place and be able to see your items at the same time. The thick kraft cover will protect your pages and keep them all in one place while the sturdy black spiral ring binding allows the notebook to lay flat.

Made in Japan, the Midori Honey Bee Notebook series has a honeybee embossed on the bottom right hand corner of the cover for easy identification (and to remind you of the inside envelopes with front windows for you to collect things in, just like a honey bee collects honey). Use this unique envelope notebook for all of your scrapbooking, collecting, and artistic needs.

  • 12 envelopes with front windows
  • Classic, attentive styling
  • Special and precious
  • Holds your mementos front and center
  • Unique inset sprial binding
  • Sturdy kraft cover
  • Item #: pjt1185


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Midori B7 Bee Side Spiralbound Envelope Notebook (5 x 3.5)

Imported from Japan, Midori Spiralbound Notebooks are available in four sizes with three different paper types to allow your imagination to take the driver seat. Try them all and find the one that fits your personality and writing or artistic style.

Midori uses animal icons on each spiral ring notebook series for easy identification. Use this guide to find the right notebook for you:

- Polar Bear - Blank, pure white MD paper, resistant to ink bleed-through. Imagine a polar bear treading across a blank, pure white snow field. (4 sizes available)

- Honey Bee - The inside sheets are instead envelopes each with an open window for keeping photos, stamps, cards, or anything you collect and want to keep. Remember this series as honey bees 'collect' honey, you 'collect' memories and miscellaneous items. (2 sizes available)

- Kangaroo - Cream colored MD paper, resistant to ink bleed-through, are constructed as internal pockets for receipts, notes, miscellaneous pieces of paper, or anything else you care to keep close. Hop around with pockets just like a kangaroo does with this series. (4 sizes available)

Midori B7 Bee Side Spiralbound Envelope Notebook (5 x 3.5)

Book Style

Book Cover Style
Soft Cover

Book Size

Binding Style
Side Spiralbound

Number of Pages
12 Envelopes

Page Corners

Paper Properties

Paper Dimensions
5 x 3.5 inches / 130 x 90 mm


Made In



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