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Quo Vadis 2014 Trinote Planner Refill #48 (Ref. #4801) (7 x 9.375)

Is December the hardest month of all? We know shifting to a new datebook can be tough, but Quo Vadis makes it a little easier with their December to December 2014 Trinote Planner Refill (#48). As the year winds down, just pop your refill into your favorite Quo Vadis cover and you're good to go! The classic format and extra month certainly makes the year-end simpler: each week stretches across two pages in a vertical format (Monday through Thursday on the left, Friday, Saturday and a smaller Sunday on the right) so you can take in your schedule at a glance. Each day runs from 8 am to 9 pm, with ample room for notes below and a space for the day's priority above. You'll also appreciate the dedicated area for phone/email/do/pay-receive. This Trinote planner also includes a detachable address book, annual planning calendars, maps and receipts and payments page. The beautiful 90 g Clairefontaine paper is as gorgeous as always: extra white, satiny smooth, acid-free and eco-friendly, and printed in teal and gray. The sewn binding lays flat when open and tear-off corners keep you flipping to the right page. Keep your holiday season--and the rest of 2014--organized and simplified with the Quo Vadis Trinote Planner Refill!

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Quo Vadis 2014 Trinote Planner Refill #48 (Ref. #4801) (7 x 9.375)

Quo Vadis, a Latin phrase meaning "Where are you going?" is the perfect name for a company who has helped people organize their time and keep track of what matters for over 50 years. Once you use their products you'll be able to attest to the fact that they are experts at planner design and construction. Their layouts are easy to read with plenty of room to jot interesting ideas and keep important notes.

The agendas are made with Clairefontaine paper - the best paper in the world for writing. Extra white and super smooth, it's easy to write and erase, jot down and scratch away. There is never any ink bleed-through or smearing. The paper is made from pulp and wood by-products from forests independently certified by PEFC as sustainably managed. The Quo Vadis plant in Hamburg, NY., is PEFC certified as well. Lastly, the sewn binding makes them strong and flexible. Books lay flat when open, so it's easy to write. Papers will never get loose and fall out with use. Your planner will end the year in great shape.

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