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Quo Vadis 2014 Club Miniweek #44 Planner (2.75 x 3.75)

A pocket size planner that actually fits into your pocket can be hard to find, but search no more. This Quo Vadis 2014 Miniweek Planner Refill (#44) is just 2 3/4 x 3 3/4 inches, so it slips easily into the tightest crannies of your satchel, daybag or--rather obviously--your pocket. What's harder to find than a small pocket planner? A superior quality miniature planner. But there, too, we've got you covered. Not only does this Miniweek Planner feature gorgeous 55 g ivory paper that's both acid free and eco friendly, it's also printed in crisp two-tone red and gray. The binding is sewn for durability and has an attached address book. Based on a traditional French design with one week stretched over two pages, this Quo Vadis 2014 Miniweek Planner Refill is made in America.

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Quo Vadis 2014 Club Miniweek #44 Planner (2.75 x 3.75)

Quo Vadis, a Latin phrase meaning "Where are you going?" is the perfect name for a company who has helped people organize their time and keep track of what matters for over 50 years. Once you use their products you'll be able to attest to the fact that they are experts at planner design and construction. Their layouts are easy to read with plenty of room to jot interesting ideas and keep important notes.

The agendas are made with Clairefontaine paper - the best paper in the world for writing. Extra white and super smooth, it's easy to write and erase, jot down and scratch away. There is never any ink bleed-through or smearing. The paper is made from pulp and wood by-products from forests independently certified by PEFC as sustainably managed. The Quo Vadis plant in Hamburg, NY., is PEFC certified as well. Lastly, the sewn binding makes them strong and flexible. Books lay flat when open, so it's easy to write. Papers will never get loose and fall out with use. Your planner will end the year in great shape.

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