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Fabriano EcoQua Perfect Bound Dot Notepad (Set of 2) (5.8 x 8.25)


Eco-lovers rejoice! With centuries of paper-making experience, Fabriano's EcoQua Notebooks and Notepads in a set of 2 are as environmentally-friendly as you can dream for. Made in Italy, the EcoQua Perfect Bound Dot Notepads are not only FSC certified paper, they are chlorine free, acid free, and completely recyclable. Available in myriad fashionable cover colors, the EcoQua Notepads have 85 gsm off-white and perfect bound removable sheets, perfect for writing and drafting with pencil, ballpoint or rollerball pens, and even most fountain pens. The covers are scratch-resistant, dyed with lightfast pigments, without lamination, and are fully recyclable. Grab them all, color code your notebooks, and protect the environment at the same time with the Fabriano EcoQua Perfect Bound Dot Notepads!

  • 85 g Off-White Paper
  • Acid & Chlorine Free Paper
  • Set of 2 Notebooks
  • Completely Recyclable
  • Perfect Bound Removable Sheets
  • Dot Grid Paper
  • Item #: pfa1856

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Fabriano EcoQua Perfect Bound Dot Notepad (Set of 2) (5.8 x 8.25)

Bask in 750 years of papermaking tradition and innovation with Fabriano's lovely stationary and note pads. Considered the cradle of European papermaking and renowned for the finest art and writing papers for over seven centuries, Fabriano's Italian mill has been patronized by Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Raphael, Durer and Goya. Indeed, some of their works you find hanging in museums today owe their very survival to the technological innovations that Fabriano brought to the tradition of papermaking.

These innovations include the hammer mill--for more homogenous fibers and better surface quality--and the use of animal gelatin for paper surface sizing. While this gelatin obviously has been replaced with a synthetic acrylic sizing, at the time the use of animal gelatin revolutionized paper by halting the otherwise-inevitable deterioration of paper sized with wheat starch. (It may have even saved a few skins: previously, paper was disallowed from public documents, meaning all public deeds had to be written on animal parchment.) Perhaps most famously, Fabriano introduced the humble watermark in 1282. That beautiful ghostly image on your fine paper? All Fabriano's idea. Then, as now, it was used to separate their superior product from that of other paper-makers.

Fabriano's dedication to innovation and technological advancement continues in the 21st century. The only paper mill to produce hand-moulded and machine made papers under one name, it is committed to renewable energy and makes extensive use of self-generated hydroelectric power; they also work to reduce their carbon footprint. In these ways, Fabriano is leading the way to address the needs and concerns of the modern day artist.

This is as good as it gets. For seven centuries, the Fabriano mill has been producing the highest quality art and writing papers. In fact, Fabriano invented the watermark in the Middle Ages as a means of identifying the mill, and great artists such as Michelangelo and Goya have relied upon Fabriano's quality for creating lasting works. What more can we say?