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Fisher Bullet Pen Clip

When you adore your Fisher Bullet Pen too much to let it languish in the bottom or your pocket or bag, you need a Fisher Bullet Pen Clip! This little device fastens effortlessly to your favorite Bullet Pen and allows you to easily secure your writing utensil to a pocket or notepad. Practical and simple, this gold clip is a stylish and organizational must have!

  • Gold Plated Clip
  • For use with Fisher Bullet Space Pens
  • Item #: pfpwc6029

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Fisher Bullet Pen Clip

Fisher Bullet Pen Clip

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Pen Clip

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In the 1950's there were dozens of ballpoint models, and nearly every one took a different refill. So in 1953 Paul Fisher invented the "Universal Refill," which could be used in most pens. But he didn't stop there. After much experimentation he perfected the refill using thixotropic ink; the trick was to have the ink flow when you wanted it to, and not to flow the rest of the time, a problem Fisher solved.

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