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Leuchtturm1917 Pen and Pencil Loop


Your favorite pen deserves better than the bottom of your satchel, which is why Leuchtturm has come up with their Pen and Pencil Loop. This simple loop can be attached easily to any notebook with its self-adhesive backing. The strong black elastic fiber fits generously-sized fountain pens as well as slim pencils. With this Leuchtturm Pen and Pencil loop, you'll always have your favorite writing instrument at hand!

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Leuchtturm1917 Pen and Pencil Loop

"Details make all the difference." Founded in 1917, the eminent German manufacturer Leuchtturm1917 is known for high-quality archival storage albums. Adapting their experience with archival paper quality to a versatile line of notebooks and datebooks, Leuchtturm 1917 has an eye on every detail. From durable thread-bound construction and fountain pen friendly paper, to numbered pages and a table of contents, Leuchtturm's range is sure to grab your attention for uses in the home, office, and abroad.

Leuchtturm1917 Pen and Pencil Loop