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No plot? No Problem! Novel-Writing Kit

Always longed to see your name join the ranks of Hemingway but never found the energy to seriously hunker down at the keyboard? You don't need an MFA in creative writing, a book agent, an airtight plot, or a winsome cast of characters to get a novel written - you don't even need to know what you're doing. No plot? No problem!

All you need is a little determination and this built-for-speed kit from National Novel Writing Month founder and author of No Plot? No Problem! Chris Baty - it's designed to kick your motivation into overdrive, squash your inner editor, and produce a 50,000-word book in an exhilarating, invigorating 30-day Noveling Adventure. It's going to change the way you write, change the way you read, and change your sense of what's possible.

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No plot? No Problem! Novel-Writing Kit

Included in the kit: 48-page booklet with inspiration, instructions, activities, and anecdotes. Daily Noveling Briefs - perfectly sized recommended allowances of writing advice and activities for every day of the noveling month. Monthlong, guided, displayable log with gold-star decals for keeping daily and weekly track of your progress. Motivational materials, pep-talking letters, and commitment coupons designed to keep your energy up and word-count flowing. The Radiant Badge of the Triumphant Wordsmith - at month's (and novel's) end, wear it proudly and announce your authoring victory to the world!

No plot? No Problem! Novel-Writing Kit





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