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TWSBI Vac 700 Stub Nib Unit

Looking to add a bit of flair in your writing with your TWSBI Vac 700 Fountain Pen? Choose either 1.1 mm or 1.5 mm (or both) of the TWSBI Vac 700 Stub Nib Units to add your personalized touch on the TWSBI Vac 700 Fountain Pen. This stainless steel JoWo (a German company) Stub Nib Unit is made specifically to fit the TWSBI Vac 700 Fountain Pen and puts down a beautifully solid italic line every time you write with it. Please note that the Vac 700 Stub Nib Units do not fit the Vac 540 Fountain Pen.

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TWSBI Vac 700 Stub Nib Unit

With over 40 years of experience in plastics and metals manufacturing, TWSBI aims to recapture the romantic flair of past art and literature. Tailoring their product list to their customers around the world, TWSBI manufactures fountain pens, mechanical pencils, ballpoint pens, and fountain pen ink bottles. TWSBI's name stands for the phrase "Hall of Three Cultures" or "San Wen Tong" in Chinese. TWSBI explains that the initials of the phrase "San Wen Tong" were reversed and thus turned into "TWS." Then, they added the last letters "BI," which mean "writing instruments." When the two are combined, you get TWSBI!

TWSBI Vac 700 Stub Nib Unit

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