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Brause Introduction to Calligraphy Lettering Cards

Learn and practice several calligraphic styles with the easy-to-use Brause Intro to Calligraphy Lettering Cards. Known for making nibs of excellent quality, Brause has a long history with calligraphy and penmanship and their Calligraphy Lettering Guide is the perfect addition for any beginner or intermediate calligrapher. For each lettering style, arrows show the order and direction of the pen strokes. Whether you're aiming to learn calligraphy for use in scrapbooking, drawing, or journaling projects (or just because you like calligraphy), the Brause Introduction to Calligraphy Lettering Cards is a practical set for anyone interested in calligraphy. The lettering styles included are: Carolingian Script, Modern San Serif, Gothic, Gothic Black Letter, Gothic Fraktur, Chancery Cursive, Italic Script, Roman Alphabet, and Unical.

  • Nine Classic Lettering Styles Displayed on Cards
  • Easy to Use & Understand
  • Item #: pbr194


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Brause Introduction to Calligraphy Lettering Cards

Brause was founded in 1850 in Iserlohn, Germany, and began production of pen nibs in 1895. With over a century of experience, Brause is now famous for their high quality steel nibs for writing, drawing and decorating. Brause uses cold rolled steel to manufacture its nibs, which is then pressed by tools specific to each model and nib size. Interestingly, parts of the nib manufacturing process are still done by hand. The most delicate part of the operation involves cutting a slit down the middle, enabling the ink to flow correctly and freely from the reservoir to the tip of the nib. During this operation, and depending on the nib model, the tip is bent slightly to give it a spherical shape. Brause nibs can be found in the toolbox of many calligraphers, artists, and illustrators.

Brause Introduction to Calligraphy Lettering Cards



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